Mr. Oops!! review

Mr. Oops!! is in a lot of trouble, just when he thought he had managed to escape from his hardships in Ninja, Space!! and AahH!! The dev team at Ponos seems to have something against him personally, and this time they throw rocks at him, shoot at him with massive cannons and try to fry him with lasers. With no way of striking back Mr. has to do his best to survive for as long as possible. Not to live to fight another day, but simply to foil his murderous creators for as long as possible.

mr2Mr. Oops!! is controlled by swiping where you want him to move, and this control method is both responsive and fair. You get arrows showing where incoming projectiles will travel, and within milliseconds you have to get to safety. As the speed picks up, so does the challenge and intensity. Within a couple of minutes the game becomes really hard to put down. Initial challenges are quite easy to accomplish, but soon you have to break legend records.

The core version of Mr. Oops!! comes with three different obstacles to avoid: rolling stones, iron cannons and laser weapons. Three new weapons can be bought for $0.99 IAP, and gives you the blood version of the game. I really think that these should have been included, as unlockables in the normal game.

The presentation is minimal like the previous games of the series. Fully functional, and still really polished graphics meets stressful music in a nice package. You can select backdrop for the action to best suit your mood.

mr3Having played the game on both the iPhone, and iPad I must say it is much better suited for the smaller screen. It gives the game an enhanced sense of urgency with the smaller more intimate size.

The great thing about all the Mr. games is that I always feel like I am in control until that moment I suddenly mess it all up. This is what makes me want to go back over and over again. I am not all that interested in the Game Center leaderboards, or 19 hard to attain achievements. I am in it for the quick fun gameplay, and that is where Mr. Oops!! truly shines.

Final Rating


Mr. Oops!! $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.1.0
Seller: ponos corporation

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