Mr. Mahjong Touch review

Mr. Mahjong Touch is a solitaire mahjong game containing a whopping 100 layouts to play. It consists of Mr. Mahjong 1-3, and the spanking new Touch game. If you run out of layouts you can but more by means of in app purchases of 4 layout packs at 99 cents each.

Mr. Mahjong Touch is a beautiful game with really nice backgrounds, and easy to distinguish tiles. It can be played in both landscape and portrait mode, albeit the portrait mode limits your overview somewhat in my opinion. img_0604When you clear a bunch of tiles in quick succession you enter fever mode. This looks great, and raises your score.

Controls are all touch based, and at times it is hard to select the correct tile. By pinching in and out you can zoom in and out to help selecting the correct one. Other than that gameplay is all about clearing the layouts from tiles. To your help you have a host of different powerups that are available for purchase using earned credits in the game. There is even possible to buy powerups to skip levels.

There is no story in Mr. Mahjong Touch, all you do is clear layouts. To me that is ok as it is hard to add a story to a solitaire game, and to make it feel coherent with the gameplay. Instead shapes such as numbers, animals or letters set the themes for the different layouts.

In the Mr. Mahjong store you can also buy new tilesets and new music. Achievements in the form of trophies add a lot of extra incentive to play beside getting money to unlock everything in the game.

img_0605The music in Mr. Mahjong Touch is oriental classical stuff that is ok for a little while. When you get sick of it you can play your own music as well. Sound effects are ok, nothing special.

Mr. Mahjong Touch is a solid game that will keep you entertained for hours. To me it is perfect to be able to play while listening to my favourite podcast. Once you run out of content you can purchase more at a low cost. Getting a total of 200 layouts for $9.99 is great. Try the lite version if you are uncertain about whether you actually like mahjong, or if you feel hesitant to fork out five bucks for a new one.

Final Rating


Mr. Mahjong Touch $4.99

Mr. Mahjong Touch Lite

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