Mr. Dreamer review

Hold the line, broccoli isn’t always benign.

Candies make you dream, well that is not what I have been taught about sugar. Broccoli, and bombs wake you up. Well in the case of bombs I certainly hope so, otherwise you have some serious issues with medications, or alcohol. Broccoli on the other hand I do not categorize as a hazard to neither my health, nor my sleep. In the world of Mr. Dreamer you get to follow the twisted dreams of Poncho, and his teddy Cid. Working at a broccoli manufacturer I do understand that Poncho might have some issues with broccoli.

My kids love broccoli, and they did not understand why they should avoid it in Mr. Dreamer. They love their candies as well, but given the choice broccoli would probably win.

Poncho is daydreaming, and ends up in a dichotomy of a world. Two sides with a clear line running through it. It matters not what side he is on, as long as he isn’t upside down. When upside down the dream meter goes down quickly, and the screen starts flashing red. To keep dreaming Poncho has to make sure to be upright, and fuelled up on candy.

A simple tap mechanic flips Poncho from side to side on the line. A simple enough mechanic that anyone can get within seconds. This soon becomes an issue though, as there is very little skill involved in the game. Compared to other endless runners like Canabalt for example where skill soon becomes everything.

Mr. Dreamer isn’t really an endless runner, as the eight levels have ends. When you reach the end you start a new level with a new background, and outfit. More obstacles, and quicker speeds are introduced to keep things challenging. When the game is over you have to start from the first slow level again. I am not sure I like this game structure at all. An endless runner should be endless, and randomly generated. A game with levels should have levels that you can complete, and retry from the last reached level. Mr. Dreamer is a strange mix of these that doesn’t make sense.

The presentation is cute with colourful characters, and I enjoy the different worlds depicted on opposite sides of the line. The game is universal, but in the current build the game is played inside a small box on my iPad. There is no way to double size it either, as it behaves like a universal game. In the current version it is preferred on the iPhone.

Mr. Dreamer is a fresh single tap runner game that is in need of some direction when it comes to progression. Without proper missions it soon becomes boring and pointless. Before Tiny Wings, and Jetpack Joyride we were content with just going for high scores, but now we want more from a game.

Final Rating


Mr. Dreamer $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0
Seller: eVeek, LLC.

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