Mr. Bounce review

Mr. Bounce sounds like some fat dude bouncing around, and it is far from the truth. Bouncing is a big part of the game mechanic in Mr. Bounce, but there is definitely no fat dude anywhere to be seen.

Mr. Bounce is actually a Arkanoid/Breakout clone with a neat twist. You control the height of the ball. This is done by simply touching somewhere on the playing field to set a new height. The closer to the bottom you set it the more intense the bouncing becomes. This reminds me a lot of Squareballs when I comes to ball behaviour. At the same time that you have to keep an eye on a proper height to get your ball to connect and collect all objects you also have to move the paddle. Just like in Arkanoid and Breakout you can’t let the ball escape.

img_0506To aim you get a line showing the arc the ball will follow when it hits the paddle. This is really helpful as you have limited time for each level, and don’t have time to fool around with poor aiming. Beside the time limit and limited amount of balls you also get obstacles blocking the path to the objects you try to collect. At times these obstacles move as you hit them making it really hard to predict where the ball will end up.

Mr. Bounce utilises multitouch allowing you to set ball height, and control the paddle at the same time. It works really well, and I can’t fault the controls when I mess up. Rather I blame myself as I look too much at the projected trajectories instead of keeping my paddle in a good position to save the rebound. There is a slow motion function letting you slow things down when they get too hectic. I have never managed to use it as when it gets hectic I am having a hard time just moving the paddle around. Of course I could probably make life easier using the slow mo button at the top of the screen, but hey multitasking isn’t for me.

img_0530Presentation in Mr. Bounce is retro in the same cool vein as Squareballs. It comes with some own innovation as well including procedural music visualizer that create pulsating patterns in the background in tune with the music. All the 25 levels come with their own music as well. You can play your own music if you turn down the music volume of Mr. Bounce. Either way you play it you get to hear some good sound effects.

The gamelife is a bit limited with only 25 levels, and quite frankly the first 15 are just there as a warm up. There are online leaderboards neatly represented by a pyramid showing how well you are doing compared to the rest of the world.

To me Mr. Bounce is a mixed bag as I don’t find the gameplay all that engrossing. Earlier levels are simply too easy without any obstacles. The levels with obstacles feel a bit random, and hey presto the game is over. On the other hand the presentation is really polished, and the multitouch controls work perfectly.

img_0513Mr. Bounce is worth picking up at a buck, but don’t expect to be blown away by it. Once the novelty of the brilliant controls, and polished presentation wear off  there isn’t much to experience in Mr. Bounce.

Final Rating


Mr. Bounce $0.99

Mr. Bounce Lite

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