Movie Challenge Quick Review

by Pat Dunn

Movie ChallengeMovie Challenge is a “Scene It?” type game which challenges the players knowledge, or lack thereof, of a wide range of movies.  Old or new, horror or romance, this game has a wide range of movies and a wide range of questions.  Movie quiz game lovers, this one’s for you.


This shows how categories are presented and selected. The type of question is chosen here. Comedy, Action, Director, whatever you want.

Movie Challenge is one of the best movie quiz games I’ve seen.  It features multiple questions for multiple categories.  This game has tons of questions about movies from horror and sci-fi movies, to romance and action.  Movie Challenge also features questions about directors and actors/actresses as well.  With a simple game design, Movie Challenge allows new gamers to easily access and play the game.  There are three difficulty levels.  Be warned, this does not make the questions easier, it just limits the number of correctly answered questions needed to advance.  However, many questions are not for beginners and can oftentimes be very difficult, which can result in ending the game with a bad, or even negative score.  Thankfully, Movie Challenge offers many “power ups” which include taking wrong answers away and adding time to the time bank.  Due to the difficulty and time limits, this is a game best played with a friend.  Unless of course you are a total movie fanatic.

Presentation and Graphics:

Good looking game.  Not to many animations but pictures are non-distracting and fitting.

Nice sound effects but has no game music.  This may actually be a plus for some people, but having music is nice even if you end up turning it off.


Gameplay is very simple when it comes to the whole “controls” area but like I said, many questions often have you thinking, “How am I supposed to know that?”  Best if played with a friend, or a really old movie freak.  With a “Scene It?” style, how the question is presented is up to the player.  Whether it is “Admit One” (hangman style) or a simple true or false, Movie Challenge gives the player a unique way of visualizing and answering questions.


If you get past the difficulty of the game, this game seems to have a huge gamelife.  I have yet to see a repeated question and the publisher, Redwind Software, can always add more new questions.  Because of the constantly growing movie industry, there will never be a lack of questions.

Game Rating

A very well done and challenging game.  Movie Challenge is the ultimate choice for a movie trivia game.  With it’s easy learnability, and it’s diversity of questions, categories, and types of questions, Movie Challenge is definitely a good pick for anyone seeking a challenge in movie trivia.

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