Mouse House Quick Review

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by Matt Dunn

Mouse House is an adorable little “collect-to-advance” puzzler that plays well, and isn’t generally too tough as a lot of other games like it are.

You’re a mouse, collecting cheese in a house. Pretty straight forward plot, that resembles a Dr. Seuss rhyme… Luckily it makes up for itself with solid gameplay and cute graphics and sound. It’s a standard puzzle game, that has you collecting all the cheese on a level to open the exit door. There a few various enemies, floors that disappear, little red balls to push… and a fun little hot pepper power-up that lets you breath a fireball. Yes, that last one seems odd, but it works nicely. All in all, this is a fun little game that will keep you occupied for some time. There aren’t any extra features to keep you coming back, but it’s a cute and casual experience at a great price.

Presentation and Graphics:

Simple, but with good animation and (rare) effects.

Once again, very simple and rare sound, but the mousy effects are so cute!


Easy to control, challenging levels that aren’t too challenging. Gameplay over all is very relaxed and enjoyable.


No reply value, or ability to select specific levels, but it’s a fun once through experience. No scoring or times either.

Game Rating


A simple and fun little collection puzzler. It will keep you occupied for a solid amount of time, is easy to pick up and play for short periods of time. As of this review, it’s currently on sale for mere 99 cents. Go give it a look!

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