Mouse About Review

Review by Dave LeClair

Today I bring you part two of my i-Play double decker reviews. Part deuce is Mouse About, which a an interesting little game staring a hungry little mouse who just wants some good food. Will this mouse get fed with a nice high score, or is going to be tasting a delicious 1 star rating? Read on for the action packed conclusion.

In Mouse About you play as Marv, and he’s hungry. So, your goal is to feed him lots of delicious mouse treats. The challenge comes in because Marv apparently doesn’t come equipped with breaks, so unless he hits a piece of food or some type of item that will stop him, he loses. The idea is clear off the level of all the food so Marv can be happy, and if you fail you lose a life. When you run out of lives, Marv becomes full and can’t eat anymore, which means that you can’t play anymore, (well until you restart at least.)

It features a very nice touch anywhere control scheme. Meaning, if you want Marv to move left, you touch anywhere on your screen and slide your finger left, same goes for all the other directions. It works very well for the type of game it, and I never found myself frustrated with the controls.

Mouse About is a very cute looking game with nice cartoonish graphics. The art direction is very well done, and this game is very athestically pleasing, especially for children. In fact, Mouse About is one of the better game for children on the iPhone, which while is great for children, is my biggest problem with the game. It looks cute, but for me I just didn’t have a great time playing the game. It’s not to say the game it bad, it’s just that, even with randomly generated maps for variety, the game just feels very kiddie. If you yourself are a kid, or you have kids, I would definitely recommend picking up, if you are a little bit older and looking for something a little more complex, check out their other game Numba. (Reviewed here)

Presentation & Graphics

Very nice art direction. The cartoon graphics work well for a game like this and the menus are very clean and pretty looking.


Good sound quality, very cute and pleasant to listen to.


Gameplay was fun for a little while, but it got stale pretty quick. Does have a very intuitive control system that I never once got angry at.

Game life:

Features randomly generated levels, so there is lots of new things to do, but since the game is sku’d younger, I got bored very quickly.

Game rating:

Final word:

It’s a very nice looking game, that I could see young children really enjoying, but if you are a little older i suggest something with more depth.

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