Moskila Review

All of the quirk of Japan in one strange little game. If Moskila is to believed, the life of a mosquito is a tortured, frantic existence filled with malevolent desktop fans and death in the form of fly swatters, bug spray and dragon flies.

moskila3As a mosquito, your one goal is to ingest as much human blood as physically possible. The experience of doing this in Moskila is actually better than the actual playing of the game. To explain myself I ask that the reader direct their attention towards any of the screenshots included with this review and more specifically the one closest to this paragraph. The visuals in Moskila are completely off the wall, and from the get go the player is assaulted with strange sounds and an assortment of sprites flying about the screen. In particular, I enjoy that the image of your screaming victim will sporadically pop up in the corner of the screen. Those familiar with Ouendan or Elite Beat Agents will be right at home with Moskila’s style. Yet where Elite Beat Agents is known for its creative and well executed gameplay, Moskila is not.

moskila2While all the insanity is happening on screen, the player can easily take it in because not much else is going on. Moskila boils down to tilting the screen to make the mosquito fly to various blood spots while avoiding obstacles, and holding down one’s finger to make the mosquito drink the blood. Do this speedily, and take advantage of purchaseable upgrades sparingly at the expense of blood, and the player has mastered all Moskila has to offer. I always hate reducing games to a couple of sentences, because it seems like the cheap way out. Halo is a game where you shoot aliens, in Modern Warfare all you have to do is run around and make sure you shoot the right people. Statements like those are not fair to games, because most of the time there is much more to a game aside from the simplest way of describing its mechanics. In Moskila’s case, however; that is really all there is to it.

The audio visual assault of Moskila is a rather thin facade masking the overly simple and ultimately dull gameplay. The steering of the mosquito from one blood spot to another simply wears thin on one’s patience.

But you know what? It apparently doesn’t need to be all that great because at least for the time being and for the foreseeable future Moskila is free. That is right, friends, I wrote this entire review under the  assumption that Icecream Soft was still charging for the game but upon setting up the link I noticed the lack of a price tag. Of course we all know what happens when you assume! My criticisms still stand; go pick up Moskila for a good laugh, but don’t expect to spend any considerable amount of time with it.

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  • Tim

    Presumably they don’t need to charge people for this when Moskila 2: Bikini is bringing in the dough.

  • Nathan Mustafa, USA

    Oh man. :(