MonsterKill review

MonsterKill is a game where the title really matches the content. In MonsterKill you kill monsters. It is a barricade defense game where monsters move from the top of the screen towards you. To stop the monsters you have a number of gestures to perform by means of touch. For example the simplest attack “cut” lets you decapitate and mutilate weaker monsters by simply slashing across them. The next attack is a lightning bolt that affects the area around impact. To unleash it you have to draw a lightning bolt on screen. Other attacks such a the ice block that hinders the monsters is drawn like a v-shape whereas the fire ball is an inverted v.

img_0150The monsters come in a variety of stylised classics such as mummies, werewolves, draculas and frankensteins. Playing a level in MonsterKill is really intense, as you have to avoid running out of magic energy, and at the same time stopping the monsters from reaching your barricade. The magic meter at the top of the screen dwindles quickly, and if you miss with an attack you might loose the level. Precision is truly needed, and sadly the game doesn’t give you the chance to be as precise as required. Lots of times I have made cut attacks just to have them interpreted as lighntning attacks. This takes away precious magic power, and often makes me miss even weak enemies.

After each level you get to upgrade your barricade, and if you have sustained damage of course repair it. There are also tokens that you get from completing a level that lets you upgrade your spells, and magic regenereation. There aren’t many choices to make but I enjoy the different strategies upgrade decisions generate. Repairing the barricade is not wise, it is better to upgrade it as soon as it is in dire condition as it gets full health back then.

MonsterKill is fun for a while but it lacks any real staying power. The level of focus needed to draw the correct spell, and aim correctly makes it less casual than the game really ought to be.

Presentation and graphics


img_0153I really like the design of the monsters, but there need be more variation than only four different monsters. The lack of variation in both monsters and level design wears the player out quickly.



Haunting melodies with a comedy twist that suits the game really well along with some anguished screams when you kill monsters. You can play your own playlists from within the game.

Game play


I like the ideas behind the controls, but sadly the execution isn’t as fresh. Too many strange recognition misses builds frustration. The game gets repetitive very soon, and as the controls are frustrating it is very easy to press the home button.

Game life


img_0149High scores, and achievements through OpenFeint even though some achievements more or less demand your total iPhone game time to achieve. Three different game modes where the normal mode with 20 levels, and upgrades is the draw. The other modes are endless and onslaught.

Final rating


MonsterKill is really fun for fifteen minutes until you want to kick monster butts with authority, and the game answers by messing up the controls. At a buck it might still be worth it for that quarter of fun.

MonsterKill $0.99

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