Monsterball B review

Flicking balls at presents is a carnival game I have not seen in real life. I kind of understand the idea after getting too many soft presents instead of those hard game systems I longed for in my youth. Punishing all those parcels with socks, sweaters and cuddly animals with a big monster ball would have been great. In Monsterball B I can finally get my revenge, even though I am not sure that it is what the developer intended.

img_3686Monsterball B is an arcade ball flinger that play like a combination of Skee-ball and Boom Blox. By sliding your finger across the area at the bottom of the screen you give the ball power, and direction. This is a simple, and highly effective tactile control method that works really well. As the ball travels you can control the trajectory slightly by tilting the device. The tilt function can be turned off, but that also equals lower scores.

You gain a new ball each time you clear the board from presents. There is also a red power up that is picked up in the form of a star. This turns the ball red, and gives it a bit of explosive power. Nothing that is worth wasting a ball to pick up though. When you are out of balls the game is over. That is it. Nothing to unlock, nothing to buy and no achievements in sight. The lack of content is immense. There isn`t even any other skins to get for the ball, or levels/backgrounds to give the game some visual flair.

Monsterball B looks decent, but not good considering the competition found from other arcade games and pinball games. It has bright colours, and might appeal to children more than adults. The music starts grating on me right away with a kind of happy carnival vibe. You can turn it off, and play your own stuff instead.

img_3805What Monsterball B has is instant playability, and a tendency to hook the player to give it one more go. The lack of content and middle of the road presentation hurt it quite a lot. There are games out there offering just as quick and tactile controls, but with a host of unlockables making them much more rewarding. Monsterball B could be a winner with a lot of updates, and added content. The current version on offer is hard to recommend though.

Final Rating


Monsterball B $0.99
Version: 1.1.0
Seller: DnL Productions Inc.

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