Monster Pinball review

Monster Pinball is as the name suggests a pinball game featuring some really cute monsters. There are not too many pinball games out there for the iPhone but those available have been quite good. So what does Monster Pinball bring to the table, pun intended, that the competitors lack? Instead of boasting about having a large number of tables and themes Monster Pinball only has one playable table but it branches out into six different tables. Depending on which way you send your ball you end up on a different table. From that you can progress further or drop down to the starting table.

img_0607I really feel that it adds freshness to the whole pinball idea having branching tables. Monster Pinball still manages to feel like a pinball game. I have played Metroid Pinball for the Nintendo DS, and while being a good game that felt too little like a pinball title.

All of the six tables have their own monster, and different challenges. The variation that comes from reaching new tables really boosts the gameplay. On the other hand it results in long gaming sessions, as it takes longer to loose your balls.

The physics in Monster Pinball feels really good, and the accelerometer tilt function works well. You control the paddles by touch, and they are responsive reacting as you want them to.

Monster Pinball one of the better pinball titles for the iPhone, and I can recommend it to anyone looking for some fresh pinball this summer.

Presentation and graphics

img_0609Monster Pinball looks great with a whole lot of character and polish. A lot of humour is found throughout with details such as farting doggie monsters. Lighting effects look great, and the ball got some cool fiery effects when powered up.


Monster Pinball has some great zany sound effects that vary across the tables. No music draws the score down. You can play your own but not in conjunction with the cool sound effects.

Game play

Monster Pinball controls and feels like a real little pinball game with some great physics. It is fun, and each new table add new challenges. At the same time I miss the opportunity to really own a table, to really learn all the little tricks to get higher scores that you get with single table pinball games.

Game life

img_0610There is nothing to unlock or achieve other than getting better scores. Online leader board lets you upload your best scores.

Final rating

Monster Pinball is a really good pinball game that adds a new dimension to the table with the branching gameplay. Selling points are the polished graphics, top-notch physics and humour.

Monster Pinball $3.99

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  • silentrocco

    One of the best App Store games. And the most entertaining pinball game on the idevices! The charm and style just jumps into your face!


    Yeah it looks amazing