Monster Mayhem – review

Falling somewhere between a defend your castle game and whack-a-mole, Monster Mayhem is a new budget offering from Chillingo which sees you fighting off hordes of monsters as they try and escape the confines of their cemetery home.

The games gameplay mechanic couldn’t be any simpler, or touch friendly if it tried. Slash or tap enemies to kill them! While this isn’t much of an original offering by any stretch of the imagination, two factors make this game stand out and appealing.

One is the assortment of Monsters. The game starts out with your garden variety Zombie, but as you progress other types begin to appear, such as Werewolves, Frankenstein’s monsters, blobs and mummies. In a cool dedication to Top Trumps and the like, they are introduced through virtual cards, with their stats, including which weapons they are vulnerable to and how powerful they are. These are then stored in a Pokedex style file for later reference. They all typically walk towards the cemetery gates, and should you not dispose of them first, a they’ll continuingly attack the gates until your health reaches zero, and it’s game over. Some enemies can hurt you in different ways. The plants for example, cannot be killed, instead they get in the way, dishing out damage back to you should you hit them. Later levels can get particularly tricky wen a level is covered in these guys. Bosses also make an appearance, typically larger versions of the monsters which require far more damage to kill them.

…The other factor is the weapons at your disposal. You start out with a knife, which you use by slashing the enemy on screen. A gun soon becomes available though, which you unleash by tapping the desired target. As you progress more weapons unlocked for you to purchase or upgrade through the end level shop. A particular favourite are the grenades, destroying a selection of monsters with a satisfying boom; the ouzi, with it’s easy spread of carnage; and the flame thrower, incinerating almost all enemies in it’s path.

Monster Mayhem is an addictive little time waster, with a fun cartoon style and sense of humour. Even if you are sick to the teeth of tap-based action, it’s still worth a look for the presentation alone which features great music and sound effects, plus cool looking art for all the monsters.


Monster Mayhem is out now for $1.99. Get it on Monster Mayhem

Check out the hands-on video below.

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