Monster Dash Review

In this industry, you are as good as your last title. Halfbrick Studio’s last title was Fruit Ninja. Are they as good as they were after Fruit Ninja? In short: yes. A little bit longer: Hell yeah. Even longer: keep reading.

Halfbrick Studio left a lot to be talked about when they released Fruit Ninja; a simple yet very addictive game where all you had to do was slice some fruits. Now they are bringing another game that promises to be as addictive, and that is Monster Dash.

The game is basically Canabalt with a little twist and some more. If you haven’t played Canabalt the idea is pretty simple: jump from building to building and just try to keep your guy alive as long as you can. On Monster Dash you do that as well, but you will have monsters to kill that will definitely try to slow you down and even try to kill you. You will have three hearts, or lives, that the monsters can take out if you crash against them. There are also spikes that if you hit those, you will lose a heart as well. Also, there are hearts around the course of the map that you can pick up, adding one heart to your total. Don’t get too confident though, because these hearts are quickly used up with monsters and spikes, meaning that if you have 4…6…7 hearts, but you fall through a hole, you are done. And of course, if it isn’t obvious enough, if you run out of hearts you will die.

monsterdashscreenThere is more than one way of evading these monsters other than jumping on them, or landing on them. You will also have a shotgun with you at all times that you can use to take them out. Not only is there a shotgun available, but just as you can pick up hearts, you can also pick up temporary weapons. There are quite a few of those, like a submachine gun, or my favorite: the Machinegun Jetpack. It is definitely an awesome invention and you have to see it with your own two eyes to really enjoy it.

There is also a variation of maps, four in total, and they each contain different kinds of monsters (zombies, mummies, vampires and demons) and they have their own unique look. The first level you start in is a random one, from there on every time you reach 1,000 meters you will be teleported to another level, which will keep things fresh no matter how long you go on a run. Beware though, it gets faster and harder every time.

To me, the game is definitely an improvement from Canabalt. The visuals are obviously way better, the music is pretty outstanding as well, and the gameplay is just simple but quite addictive. Every iPhone owner should, without a doubt, have this application, because there are few better ways of spending your $0.99.



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    Agree with the rating. i LOVE this game :)