Monster Balls review

Electrocute them Monster Balls man!

Had I been twenty years younger I would probably be rolling on the floor laughing out loud at the mere title of this game. Monster Balls for goodness sake. Now a mature man in the prime of my life I simply snigger a bit. After having reviewed almost thousand games, and played about four thousand for iOS this is probably the most fun title I have come across. And I am not really sure that it was the intent of the developer to create such a perfectly immature title, as the game is actually about balls in the shape of monsters.

A vat with a drizzle of Monster Balls at the bottom is slowly filling up with more and more Monster Balls. As time passes more, and more balls are cramped together. The goal is to burst the Monster Balls with a surge of electricity. Releasing a ball from a pivoting arm, and letting it pass through a field of electric current do this. Just like in the olden days electricity neuters balls into oblivion. The more of the same colour balls you get the higher the score, and of course the more you remove the longer you live.

The game ends when the Monster Balls reaches the top, and you can only imagine them bursting out of the jar. For some odd reason they aren’t destroyed by touching the otherwise lethal electric field at the top.

Monster Balls is a decent looking game, but I have had some stuttering when burtsting multiple balls on my iPad Mini. I would have liked even more animation to the Monster Balls especially when being electrocuted. As for sound it is also quite enjoyable albeit I would have liked some groans of pain. Perhaps using some skateboarders scrotum landing sound when bursting Monster Balls?

Monster Balls plays quite well with just one finger to release a ball. The constantly pivoting arm makes it harder to aim, and I would have preferred to be able to aim manually. The biggest concern I have is the fact that the balls I tend to get are often not usable. At times I might have top rows with only green, and red balls but still I get blue balls three times in a row. Furthermore the game starts slowly, and you have to start from the beginning each time it is game over.

Monster Balls is a nice casual game with perhaps a funnier name than actual game. Still I think it might be updated to become better in the future with Game Center support, and some more game modes. For now I can only give it an okay score.

Final Rating


The App Store keeps the Monster Balls safely sealed here.

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