Monsieur Monsieur review

Ouch, I imagine that would really hurt. Monsieur Monsieur takes the basic Angry Birds gameplay mechanics, and applies it to the platforming genre. But instead of hurling birds with catapults you get to hurl our yellow hero by pulling on his humongous moustache. The force of a pulled moustache is apparently enough to send him flying. I tried pulling the hairs on my upper lip, but all I could produce was some annoyance and a sneeze attack.

Monsieur Monsieur has to travel to the exit door of each level using multiple draws of the stache. It takes a couple of levels to learn what pullback results in what movement. It also takes a while to get used to the fact that you can pull the moustache while he flies. Once I got the hang of the controls they became quite easy to use. The only aspect that need some tweaking is when he falls it is quite hard to get a grip of the moustache. At times it is because I am too slow, but I also feel the game needs to be more responsive.

bild2-copy1There are three sausages to find in each level, and multiple teabags to collect. I am not really sure about the origins of Monsieur Monsieur. He seems to be French, but at the same time I associate tea with crumpet eaters like Nigel. And well sausages are German aren’t they? Anyway the more you collect the better score you get, and as with most iOS games you are graded in zero to three stars.

One thing I really think the game lacks is a map over the current level. Without knowing where the sausages, or exit door are it becomes more about exploration than finding the most precise route. After about ten levels the game suffers from this, as it all gets really repetitive trying to find the way around a level. Death is also quite frequent due to falling outside the gameworld.

bild3-copy1The presentation is bright, cheerful and weird. I enjoy it quite a lot, even though it is quite limited in scope. Backgrounds are static images of sky, and even though the palette varies it feels quite samey. The Monsieur Monsieur character is quite cool, and I would like to see more of him and his friends. The music is just as confused as his origin with influences from a lot of European cultures with a modern twist. Sound effects are limited to the odd grunt, and here I can also see improvements with one-liners, short songs and other outbursts from our yellow hero.

Monsieur Monsieur makes something fresh from the Angry Birds formula, and combines it with a platforming experience. It is quite shallow at the moment with only a bit of collecting to do. Still it is fun, and easy to get into. My two, and four-year old kids love slinging Monsieur Monsieur around. The character is worthy of a more evolved game. Still it is worth the asking price, and has enough levels to warrant a couple of hours of moustache pulling.

Final Rating


Monsieur Monsiuer $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPod/iPhone
Version: 1.01
Seller: Molecube

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