Momax iPower 5/5S Battery Case review

Doubling your mobility, and adding some slightly weird design: it is the Momax iPower 5. 

Avant-garde design is not always a good idea, as it might mean that it is gimmicky or bring useless additions. The Momax iPower5 has some avant-garde design shown by the weird piece sticking out at the bottom. At first I thought it had something to do with getting more room for the battery, but no. This is rather a quite smart addition that you can hold the phone by. In both portrait, and landscape mode this adds functionality that I use when watching movies, or playing games. It also gives the case a unique look.

The iPower 5 is a slider case where you slide the phone into the base with ease. The top slider covers the top of the phone, and you can use the case without it. The top is actually the least impressive part of the case, as it doesn’t grip the rest of the case that well. Still you have to apply force to remove it.

For protection the iPower 5 is quite good covering the entire back, sides and some of the front by having edges around the screen. As it is quite heavy it does add mass, and an impact will be quite hefty. There is no screen film protector included, and personally I think it is a good extra insurance for the screen. The silent button is protected by the case, and despite being almost flush with the case it is highly responsive. There are cut-outs for the volume, and mute switch.

As a battery case it is brilliant making up for the extra bulk by adding a hefty 2250 mAh that more than doubles the battery life of the iPhone 5/5S. Charging is done by a mini-USB located on the lower left side of the case. When charging the iPhone gets juice first before filling the battery. A small button on the back lets you check the led indicator on the back. Four blue indicators on the back show current charge. When you need juice you simply tap the button, and when you don’t need it you turn it off by tapping once and then holding the button a couple of seconds. Charging is quick, and once activated it keeps charging the phone until the battery runs out. If you want to save some juice for later you have to actively turn it off.

There is a slight issue with using headphones with larger connectors. The standard Apple earphones work, but most of my headphones have larger connectors and don’t work. This is something you have to consider before getting this case. You can also get an adapter to let you use all kinds of headphones.

The Momax iPower 5 is an impressive battery case adding a whopping 2250 mAh. The slightly weird design of the lower piece adds more than it detracts from the experience. If you are looking for one of the most powerful battery cases out there this is a good choice.

Final Rating


Momax iPower at $60.49

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