Micro Mayhem Quick Review

We’ve seen a slow progression of mini-game collections on the iPhone in the past year or so. It started off with games that featured just a few mini games, to bigger and bigger collections. Micro Mayhem falls somewhere in the middle.

The mini games are fun, and there is a great pass and play mode that switches who goes next to keep you on your toes. The mini games are pretty fun, but are overall a bit too easy. It’s not a bad thing to have easy mini games, but Micro Mayhem simply doesn’t have enough. After one play session with 2 other people, we started cycling through past played games after maybe 10 minutes. Obviously, this isn’t horrible at first, since not everyone has played all the mobilemayhem-004games, but by then everyone knows how to beat the games from watching others. This issue would probably be solved if the games got progressively more difficult, but that isn’t the case.

Presentation & Graphics
A nice variety of graphics throughout the games. Decent animation. Cool transition graphic going from one game to the next.

Good power music throughout. Nothing amazing.


Very fun while it lasts!

You will be done playing after maybe 10-15 minutes. Needs at least double or triple the mini games to really have long-lasting value. Unlockable games? Various game difficulties?

Game Rating
For only 99 cents, Micro Mayhem is not a bad little time killer, especially if you’re with friends. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t kill enough time, and becomes too easy and repetitive far too quickly.

Mobile Mayhem – $.99

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    like wario ware only less cooler.