Minigore Review

For a little game, Minigore will be huge.

In case you have not heard of Minigore yet, it’s a new stylized survival shooter. The gameplay is similar to iDracula, but it certainly stands out as it’s own game. Your block-headed, Chuck Norris, bobble-head character seems to have gotten lost in a field where an unlimited surge of furry black baddies seek to kill you. Fortunately, you are carrying a machine gun with unlimited ammo.

Instead of a lot of different bad guys the equation is a little simpler. Your main enemy seems to be some kind of black Sasquatch that has a thirst for your blood. They start out small, then get progressively larger. As you shoot the larger ones, they split to a smaller size, until they are reduced to their smallest size and you wipe them out.I have also seen some of them that are on fire, they move faster and look awesome. Make sure you kill them first or you will be in trouble.

The Good

016249_4Although the survival shooter has been done before Minigore does add it’s own unique flavor to the mix. Your badd@ss bobble head seems to be a mix of Chuck Norris and Ash from Evil Dead. Who cares why limbless black fluff-balls are after you, you are prepared to mow them down, all of them. Another thing that is unique about the game besides the story and style, is the monster mode. After collecting 3 clovers you turn into a powerful beat able to mow anything down, for a limited time, of course.

I have to admit from the moment I saw the screencaps for this one I was excited. Your character has a lot of visual personality that makes you want to keep him alive. And even though your enemies are kind of cute and fuzzy their thirst for your blood makes them your obvious target. The monster you turn into is super cool, and even the landscape and foliage is fun to look at.

Minigore also seems to be looking forward. I appreciate that they included open feint into their first release of the game, and a lot of cool options. I’ve also been told by the developers that in an update they are planning a type of radar system, and cool achievements like this one, for a totally new co-op mode. If the developers keep updating like this, Minigore could do as well as Pocket God.

016249The last point, and maybe most important to many of you is that Minigore is only 99 cents. I don’t know if this is an intro price, sale price, or the final price, but for all you get in Minigore it’s certainly worth sacrificing that soda in the vending machine to pick it up.

The Bad

I would have liked to have seen a radar to see where the enemies are coming from. It’s good to have so you can decide where on the map you should head, instead I felt like I was wandering around aimlessly hoping to find some bad guys. I also really wanted it for when I turned into beast mode. Because your time in this mode is so limited you want to make the most of it, but without the radar, most of this mode is wasted in the earlier levels. As I mentioned above the developers have slated this for the 1.1 update.

016249_3It’s not a deal-breaker but the enemies and environment are pretty limited. I would like to see a change of scenery sometime, and some new enemies. I assume that these may be delivered in future updates. In the menu screen the game says it’s episode one, leading me to guess there is a more coming.

The Bottom Line

Minigore is a ton of fun, for a great price. It would be a mistake to pass this one over.

Presentation & Graphics
To make a good game you have to have visuals that draw you into the world and Minigore does a great job of doing that.

The sound is good quality, and the voice talent is fun. You can also play your own iPod music.

The splash screen says “Tiny Creatures, Giant Adventures” that pretty much sums it up. A lot of fun in a tiny package.

Without multiplayer or new levls there isn’t a ton of gamelife now, but I think they are planning to add more through updates.

Game Rating – Editors Choice
Minigore deserves the hype it’s getting. If your in the mood for a fantastic survival shooter, make sure you pick this one up.

Minigore $.99

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    Only 99c cool


    i expected that. in order to compete with idracula they had to make it 99c. i believe its worth more though.

  • Nigel Wood, UK

    I think this game has the potential to be a much bigger game with a story mode, multiple levels and more varied weapons and enemies… not to mention a multiplayer versus mode!

  • LBG

    You are describing ‘Hardgore’, Nigel. Not out yet but coming later this year.

  • Square

    How do you give an average of four stars to a game that’s literally one level, one weapon, one highscore, a few power-up gimmicks and the HOPE they update the hell out of it into an actual, consumable game. :/

    That said the art/voice work reminds me of Psychonauts, so it’s got that going for it.

  • Ryan

    One of my favorite at the moment! :-D

  • christopher mentalpatient

    i just downloaded this a few minutes ago. really enjoying. i am new to iphone games. must say a save mode would be nice as i am texting in the mist of the game. i enjoy not knowing where the enemies are coming from, at least starting off. it allows the it to be a more difficult.

    K, bye