Minigame Paradise review

Casual games sell like crazy on the App Store, and it is easy to understand why Com2us packages 10 such games in one minigame package. Minigame Paradise comes with two unlocked games, and some extra coins that gives you the chance to unlock two more right away. Without playing for a single extra credit you have four minigames at your disposal. For those who signs up for the Com2us hub service, and/or likes Com2us on Facebook there are 3000 extra credits to gain. Minigame Paradise is as much about collecting the minigames, and all characters and items as it is about actually playing the game.

img_4469Personally I really enjoy hoarding items in digital form, and it is easy to get sucked into that aspect of Minigame Paradise. Much like Puzzle Family from Com2us this is the big draw. To me the main difference between Minigame Paradise, and Puzzle Family is the fact that Puzzle Family has a much better selection of minigames.

The games in Minigame Paradise are all possible to play with one hand, and generally just demand a simple touch to play. Whether it is about changing direction when skiing, or jumping down a floor this method is direct and responsive. To me the main problem is the fact that none of the minigames are that gripping, or exciting. Furthermore they all start off slowly, and once the speed picks up I am bored with it.

All the games are simple, and easy to learn. This is both a positive, and a negative since there is little to no sense that you actually master anything. Once a game ends you get a couple of extra credits, hopefully some kind of achievement, and the choice to retry. As a casual game it works quite well when standing in line, or walking to work. But the lack of challenge, and progression makes it inferior to most games in the casual market. Most match three puzzles, Angry Birds + clones, and Cut the Rope + clones manage to hook the player because of addictive gameplay. Minigame Paradise is all about unlocking, and collecting. Playing the games gives quite few credits, and you have to grind like mad to collect everything.

img_4470Minigame Paradise is a bright, positive experience in the presentation department. Nothing spectacular that pushes the hardware, but rather a focus on colour and cuteness. The music is wacky, and quite uplifting. Menus are easy to navigate, and it is evident that the game tries to push you into buying credits as IAP. This is also a gripe I have with the game, as I wish the IAP idea would have been more subdued.

Minigame Paradise will hook quite a few with the cute characters, easy to get into minigames, and collection aspect. The fact that the minigames are too simple in design not offering more than a way to spend a few minutes deters me slightly. The heavy usage of IAP to speed up the collecting is an eyesore to me. To those into casual games it is still easy to recommend, as you only get one icon on your iPhone with ten games.

Final Rating


Minigame Paradise $0.99
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Com2us USA, Inc

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