Mini Motor racing gets multiplayer-tastic update

Get your racing gloves on… Mini Motor Racing has just received a sizable new update…

We reviewed the game back in December 2011, and found it to be an excellent Micro-Machine/Super Sprint style racer, but lacked the all-important multiplayer. Well, now update 1.5 adds just that – full ONLINE multiplayer for up to four players over 3G and through GameCenter.

Also included is a completely new championship circuit with four new tracks, along with 12 new cars that can be un-locked through the in-game reward system, bringing the total to 30 tracks (plus unique reverse angles) with a total of 18 varied vehicles available in the game. There’s also a number of re-mastered tracks from the original version, new cars to win, and a shake-to-nitro feature. Graphics have been tuned and optimized specifically for the new iPad retina display too. Go get it.

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