Mini Meteors review

Meteos is a classic game for the Nintendo DS that I played like crazy five years ago in the era before I saw the light. To see a blatant clone in the App Store is no surprise, but rather the surprise is that it has taken this long to emerge. I am grateful that I get to play one of my favourite games again albeit with a new name, and probably not so clear rights to the gameplay formula.

Mini Meteors is a match three game with meteors falling down towards the surface of a planet. By matching them you launch them back into space. Blocks can only be moved horizontally, but matches can be made both horizontally and vertically. I found the controls to be direct, and highly responsive.

Aimg_0190s the screen fills with meteors the adrenaline starts pumping in my veins. It is a feast of colour, explosions and meteors whizzing upwards. If the screen is filled completely the game is over. There are some powerups to gain by matching their meteor with others of the same colour. I rather focus on clearing the screen, and creating combos by igniting meteors inside the already soaring column. The game is fun, fun and more fun.

Classic mode has online leaderboards, and this is the meat of the game for me. There is also a challenge mode with 27 levels across the nine planets on offer. The gameplay is almost the same with the big difference being that the challenge mode is a survival mode with a timer to beat. Game Center integration for both leaderboards and achievements is a big plus.

The presentation is bright, and filled with sparkling colours. It is a real pleasure to watch meteors soar. One thing worth noting is that all the meteors look the same except for having different colours. If you are colour-blind the game is completely impossible, and not even worth considering until a colour-blind mode is added.

The sound is almost all sound effects with just a few loops for music. You are free to play your own music alongside the sound effects.

Mini Meteors is a fun game that almost manages to keep the same intensity as the original Meteos has for the Nintendo DS. If you are into match three games it is a must buy. It is also recommended to most casual gamers.

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Version: 1.0.3
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