Minecraft love is in the air

Congratulations to our very own Matt Dunn, who proposed to his girlfriend at MineCon in Las Vegas this weekend…

Yep, Matt grew a pair and hit the stage at the Minecraft convention in front of a horde of hungry MineCraft fans, and uttered the immortal words to his unsuspecting girlfriend, and now wife-to-be), Asia.

Check out the video of the proposal here:

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  • Matt Dunn, USA

    Oh snap I didn’t think you would post this, haha. Woot!

  • Luke

    Congrats, and also congrats on finding a woman that will play mincraft with you!

  • Sako Hamilton

    Let me start by saying this is that first time i’m actually seeing Matt on video. Always hearing his voice on ur podcast though lol :) & let me also saw ur girlfriend is a babe ! Lol bro/Matt I’m happy for u, I got really teary watching that vid. Congrafs matt!!! Have fun with ur porkchop :P