MindLink review

I wish I was a mad skill hacker, I wish I had guts and mad skills I would do it.
I wish I had a mainframe with lots of power, and I would crack it.

Yeah, finally a hacking game enters the iPhone. I have been a fan of Uplink on PC, and MindLink is almost a clone letting you hack and crack all over the world.
MindLink gives you a short text telling you that you can hack in a nice or really nasty manner, as well as there are missions to complete. That is all the tutorial you get, and if you are not familiar to Uplink or other hacking games you might as well skip reading the rest of this review. MindLink is only for those with at least a little bit of insight into how these kinds of games work. Even for me with perhaps two hundred hours spent within the web of Uplink had initial trouble finding what to do in MindLink.

To get computers and servers to attack you have to check the twitter icon. The targets then turn up under the blue Earth icon. Touch them to attack, crack, hack or just gain information. The deeper you dig into the target the more you will find out. You can steal money, plant viruses and generally misbehave. It is much easier to be an evil hacker than a nice one who focuses on alarming server owners of threats.

img_0867There are a whole bunch of upgrades for your hardware speeding up processes. Software needs to be upgraded as well to crack harder passwords. Every process you initiate has to complete with a status bar or at times just scrambled letters showing, and I found this a bit slow to watch.

Not knowing what all the icons and numbers on the screen mean is spoiling the experience, and totally undermining any sense of urgency. Should I hurry when the bar to the left goes up? Should I buy something to prevent anything? Trying to connect to a new server when you already have an active connection brings a message stating that you are already connected to a server but not how you disconnect. By tapping around I managed to find the small cord to disconnect the server. The game is really in need of both a tutorial, and on-screen pointers when needed.

img_0868Graphically MindLink is sparse, but it is easy to see information even though the numbers are quite small. The music is ok with some slow techno/electronica that suits the game quite well. You can’t play your own music, which is a shame as MindLink is a game for long sessions and it is always nice to listen to the lads Unleashed. The female voice sounds seductive like taken out of a softcore porn flick at times, and this feels really out of place.

I have had a lot of contact with the developer of MindLink, and he is working hard on updating the game. Initial versions had trouble with occasional crashes but those have been remedied. Now I hope for a tutorial, clear mission structure based on some sort of story and the options to use your own music. MindLink is definitely worth updating as the core gameplay mechanics are good, and the premise of being a hacker is exciting.

If you have played Uplink I can recommend MindLink, everyone else should wait for an update letting you know more about what you are supposed to do.

Final Rating


MindLink $1.99
Version: 1.1
Seller: Jason Resch

MindLink Lite

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  • Jace Resch

    Thanks for the review and the feedback i welcome any comments and criticism’s to help make it a better game.