Miles Davis Tribute by Monster Cable review

I have been longing for a proper audiophile set of headphones from Monster Cable ever since I returned the Monster Turbine Pro Gold. With the Miles Davis Tribute I get that super crisp clean sound again, but with a slightly tweaked high end. Compared to the Trumpet the Tribute is a more diverse product that works well with all sound sources. Too bad that it seems that Monster Cable have chosen to discontinue the product. This review is more of a reminder to get it while it is still available at proper outlets, as copies can make it hard to find a real set in the future.

Shaped like a megaphone with a bulky housing the Tribute certainly looks like a million bucks. Having a handle is perfect when inserting it inside the ear canal. All aspects of the Tribute are well made, and the attention to detail I marvellous.

You get a heap of stuff in the massive box, and considering the price that is expected. A replica of the trumpet box used by Miles is the main attraction, and works really well as a hard protective case. You also get two soft pouches. Ear tips in all shapes, and sizes are also included. Some foam ones, a couple of flanged silicone ones and the standard high quality silicone buds most common with Monster Cable headphones. It is really easy to find a set of ear tips that work well, and make proper seal. Finally the box includes a high quality recording of one of the highlights of Miles Davis: Kind of Blue.

The audio quality is great, and cranking up the volume while listening to Flamenco Sketches brings out more than I get out of most other headphones. Much more in fact than I get from the Miles Davis Trumpet that lacks some punch to the basslines. Excellent noise isolation further enhances the sensation of flying that I get when I dream away with Miles. There is only one thing disturbing the calm, and that is the noise the cord transfers when rubbing against my clothes. No matter how still I sit there is transfer from the cord gently brushing across my chin.

As an avid iPhone user I miss having a microphone, and that is the only thing beside the cord, and price holding the Tribute back from that coveted fifth star.

The Miles Davis Tribute is a solid product made to immerse the listener into the sound of Miles without sacrificing the rest of the musical genres. Great looking, well built and more accessorised than any other set of headphones it takes a huge chunk out of your wallet. But I have to say that it is worth it.

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