MicroCars review

MicroCars is a balance 2-d racer where you have to complete an obstacle course in the quickest time possible. Other games in the genre usually feature motorbikes or bicycles such as Moto X Mayhem and Bike or Die 2. In MicroCars you get to choose between a car and a truck with different abilities when it comes to speed and power.

img_0851The controls are quite easy to get into, simply touch the arrow to the right to go forward, and the one to the left to reverse. Tilting the iPhone lets you control the cars suspension. Or at least that is what I thought in the early levels. Once I feel over turtle style I took restart to retry the level. But soon I managed to get a hang of the physics of MicroCars. You can simply affect the car even when it is on its roof by tilting hard left and right. It is even possible to make the car rotate into a kind of walk across objects. This really destroys the aim of the game that is to travel across an obstacle course car style, not strange rolling car style.

Production values are low with a lack of music, textures and levels. Only 15 levels that can be beaten within an hour is not enough to warrant the price tag of $2.99. The game might benefit from a level editor, and global high scores once the physics is sorted.

img_0848Presentation and graphics

The car and truck looks quite good, but there is a clear lack of background and level textures. Kudos for the great looking tutorial screens.


The car and truck sound like RC cars at times with some really whining engine sounds. No music, and the game fades out your own. Would have liked to at least play my own music together with the engine sounds.

img_0852Game play

The controls work quite well having touch buttons for forward and reverse. Tilting your iPhone helps levelling out your vehicle in mid-air, and helps you climb ramps. Sadly you can tilt the vehicle into complete spins even from a standstill. This makes the game silly, and too easy to complete as you can save your upside down car by tilting.

Still it is quite fun driving at full speed without knowing the road ahead.

Game life

15 levels divided into three worlds representing difficulties from easy to hard. You can only start from level one of each of the worlds when you start a new game. I beat all levels within an hour, and all that is left then is to beat your own fastest time. As you can’t level select this soon becomes boring.

Final rating

MicroCars doesn’t feel like a complete game, and the lack of game life really kills it. I can’t recommend this at $2.99 even though it is quite fun messing with the broken physics.

MicroCars $2.99

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    This is a rip-off from the game jelly car