Mevo and The Grooveriders review

If there’s one thing the AppStore is not short of it’s unique games. Due in part to the relative ease of the SDK, there are too many games to mention that try something different. One way to ensure you have a unique game is to merge two gameplay genres together, and this is exactly what Red Rocket Games have done. Take a platform game and mix it with a rhythm game and you have Mevo and the Grooveriders.

The story goes that in the beginning there was silence. Then Mevo and his noisy mates came and put an end to that, so silence got his revenge and captured Mevo’s mates. It’s your job to bring music back to the land and ultimately save your friends.

original-31To play the game you must guide Mevo to the end of the level by tapping on the left or right directional buttons as he passes the corresponding icon on his journey. He walks automatically from platform to platform, and the icons will appear in time with the  accompanying music, and you must tap and hold your way through the level. Unsuccessful taps of the icons will cause the music to scratch and Mevo to lose his footing. This affects his health bar, and should the bar deplete completely, it’s game over.

The good

Undoubtedly the best part of this game is the music. Featuring chill-out style beats, and building as your progress the level and successfully hit the notes at the right time, it really is a treat for the ears. When we originally got hands on with the game at E3 the game was demoed through Dr Dre ‘Beats’ headphones, and I would recommend a good set of cans to get the most out of the sound in this game, though I don’t expect you to re-mortgage your house to get some Dr Dre Beats.

original-11Graphically the game is good too, with some fun character art in the cut scenes and the in-game character of Mevo. The art style is 2.5D, with flat illustrated backgrounds behind 3D platforming elements, it all runs smoothly and ties in well with the music. The only downside is that at the end of each level I would have liked to see more of a celebration from Mevo with him getting down and funky… instead he jumps into the dark and fades to black.

The bad

Unfortunately, while the gameplay is fun and could easily be mentioned in the good section above, I found the challenge to be very low indeed. There are three levels in all, each featuring more intricate tunes. Then there are three difficulty settings to complete them in. Not one of these levels gave me any sense of fear for my life, and even on the hardest setting I didn’t die once. I’ll also add that I was on a bumpy train journey through the majority of my play through… it really is that easy! The hard part in all this is that I enjoyed every minute of it while doing so, which leaves me with a dilemma of how to score the game.

original-21A second bad point, which might be justified based on the lowest price point of $0.99, is that the game is very short. You only get the three levels, and through all three difficulty settings I blasted through the game in little over an hour. When you complete each difficulty level you are awarded with special suits which can help you achieve betters scores, but once you have played through those levels three times you really want to move on. Once more the dilemma strikes, as during our E3 demo the developer assured us that there will be free levels added to the game regularly, and there may even be an option to play with your own music. Those additions would surely make this game a lot more appealing.

The bottom line

While it comes up short in both challenge and play time, Mevo still brings a smile to my face. The music is fantastic and the simple tap tap style gameplay is addictive. Sure it’s short, and we can’t base a game’s review on what it may or may not get in future, but I think it’s safe to say that Mevo is a must buy for the low price of $0.99.

Presentation and graphics


A fun and colourful 2.5D look and feel, which takes you to funky worlds above and below sea. But Mevo could do with some more moves other than just run.



Great use of sound, the music is awesome.



It’s great fun to play, but it’s too easy. You never do get to save your friends either!



Only three levels and three difficulties. You can replay them and shoot for higher scores with your unlocked suits, but it’s not enough. The promise of more levels, will increase this area greatly, so feel free to bump the gamelife to a 3.5 when this happens.



$0.99 is silly money, save your teeth and get this instead of a can of soda.

The price

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  • jonathan

    I bought this game and love it! Even if it’s short it’s only 99 cents.

  • iPGN-Matt

    Yeah for 99 cents it’s well worth the money even in it’s short length. But I can’t wait for new levels!

  • Rock $ Rolla

    I may as well get the game

  • Gamegod

    I can’t believe this. there are so many nice and cheap games with repeated play value and you pay 99 for this S*&^?!!!!

    Even 99 is too much! are these post done by your employees? please stop this propaganda and let people get what they really deserve!


    @ Gamegod (not so much god)
    these posts werent done by employees. If you have been on this site long enough than you will know that.

    anyway a great game deserves a great score and thats whats happened here.

  • Lisa Miller

    i got little runner and loved i thought i would check out what else this company made. mevo is also awesome. they seem to be really good at making music games.

    and no i’m not an employee just a new owner of an iphone :)

  • Nigel Wood, UK

    Nice to see you on the site Lisa :)

  • Hawkins

    They lowered the price to free for today (Aug 13th) so grab it while you can. I’m just downloaded it and am starting it up now.

  • hey

    I work at Red Rocket, but I will leave soon. I hated the game and work there! And yes 90% of the reviews came from us, we all had to register everywhere and write the same shit “like guitar hero”, “very different”, “groovy”.