Metal Slug X review

The straw didn’t break the camels back, it was the machine guns that did it.

Riding machine gun packed camels, walking around like a mummy or fighting bosses that take up the entire screen are just some of the great things you get to experience in Metal Slug X. A remake of the second game in the series this packs a load of extra features such as a mission mode where you can start at any of the previously unlocked levels. Great if you aren’t super hardcore in need of replaying every level until you have reached perfection. A local Bluetooth multiplayer mode makes it possible to play coop, and while that is a nice addition I can’t help but thinking that this should have benefitted greatly from an online coop mode.

The Metal Slug series has been around for ages, and got perfected on the NeoGeo like so many other arcade games. This is actually Metal Slug 2 that has been reworked. Slightly confusing, as there is already a Metal Slug 2 on the App Store. If you already own the first three games you don’t really need to fork out for this as well. If you are new to the series this is however a great place to start, as it has some of the most fun bosses, enemies and vehicles in the Metal Slug universe.

The action is constant, and you have to dodge, jump and shoot to stay alive. The controls can be customized to your liking. If you get annoyed that your thumbs are covering the action you can play the game in windowed mode with the controls outside of the gaming area. The developer has really tried hard to create great controls, and for the most part it works well. However I do yearn for physical buttons, and even a stick at times. Having played the Metal Slug series on almost every console even the NDS works better in the control area.

The presentation is really fun with cool death animations, imaginative bosses and things going on everywhere. There are also scenes separate from the action playing out, as you trudge on. Some are hilarious, and others might be a bit politically incorrect. The music, and sound effects are perfect giving the game more intensity.

Metal Slug X is a fun shooter with a load of content. The touch screen controls let it down at times, but most of the time they work well enough. I am not sure if Metal Slug X is worth it if you already own Metal Slug 2, and it would have been nice to have it as an IAP upgrade as well. For newcomers to the series this is a perfect start.

Final Rating



Metal Slug X $3.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod

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