MeatStroke review

I am a huge fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and have been watching their antics for years. Meatwad is the brainless meatball from the crew, and now he gets his own game. In MeatStroke you have to avoid getting burnt by the sun, and add moisture to the meat. Sadly the likeness of Meatwad is the only reference to the series, and the game is your standard avoid em´ up.

You control Meatwad by tilting the phone, and the controls work well when sitting/standing. It is not possible to lie down and play due to movement needed both sideways and up/down. Collecting cool clouds prolongs life, and suns shortens it. That is all you get for gameplay in MeatStroke. It gets harder, and harder but it all feels rather random as clouds and suns appear randomly.

img_1321Openfeint integration caters for high scores, and achievements. The Openfeint messages about high scores show up at the same place on screen as the try again button making me go into the Openfeint interface too many times by accident.
The sound effects are poor, and there is no music. The game fades out your own music, which is annoying as it doesn’t provide anything else. Vibration for being attacked by suns can’t be turned off either being another reason for annoyance.

Why the heck isn’t there any voice work in the game? This is lazy, and an extremely poor use of an interesting license. The graphics aren’t impressive either. I have seen too many of these games in the App Store, and MeatStroke really doesn’t stand out at all.

I can’t recommend MeatStroke at all. It is repetitive, fails to use the license and if the Meatwad character wasn’t in it there would have been no ATHF reference at all. At least Master Shake could have screamed some sadistic comments as the meat chars to coal. I hope there will be a real Aqua Teen Hunger Force game for the iPhone later on.

Final Rating


MeatStroke $0.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Turner Broadcasting System Europe Limited
Tested on an iPhone 4.

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  • AnotherTim

    What a coincidence, MeatStroke was my nickname in prison!

  • Austin

    I like the soda dude better!!!