Max Damage Quick Review

Can the iPhone ever have too many “physics based” games?  Apparently not.

Have you ever had the desire to destroy a television, or a stereo, or even an artistic masterpiece? Max knows exactly how you feel. The object of Max Damage is to use various “balls” to cause as much monetary damage as possible. Each level has a limited number and type of “ammo” you can use. For example, one level may contain a basketball, a fire ball, and what I like to call the pea shooter.  The “pea” is just a regular ball, the basketball bounces wildly, and the fire ball ignites anything made from wood or paper, which can then spread to other fire affected objects (cardboard box, bookcase, and lovely artwork). Other items you can destroy include an entertainment center, a plasma TV, and even a fridge. Each item has its own monetary value; a cardboard box is only worth $10 while a plasma TV is worth $1000.

Some levels are as simple as pointing the aimer in the right direction, while others have you ricocheting balls or carefully planning out img_0791your shots. The game didn’t seem to be that much different than other physics based games until I got to the UFO level.  There is just something about destroying objects in zero gravity that has it’s appeal. I did feel like some of the levels are only accomplishable with a little help from luck. Because each item has “health,” it can be difficult to accurately do damage. I felt myself sometimes “hoping that I would just do more damage this time around.” Many levels had to be replayed over and over again until I finally did enough damage, even though I never changed the way I played the specific level.

Overall, Max Damage is a pretty decent “pick-up-and-play” game. There are some achievements that make the game a little more fun, but most of the achievements are acquired just by playing the game normally instead of completing specific tasks. Unfortunately, there has not been a release of additional levels or achievements yet. However, Max Damage is a good game for those who enjoy the quick $0.99 game every once in a while.


Get Max Damage from the Appstore for only $0.99

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