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Max is a resourceful kid, and as such violence is high on his list of viable actions. When aliens attack his home they soon find out that the have messed with the wrong fair haired pimply child. Zapping laser beams into their soft flesh Max sets out on an adventure to save his parents, friends and Earth.

img_2085Max Adventure is a twin stick shooter set in a cartoon urban environment. Controlling Max works brilliantly using the dual sticks, and at times you get to navigate through some intense battles. These are rare though, and the game intersperses the action with some exploration. Finding keys for doors, and turning off laser grids are the only puzzles available. Treasure is left by dead aliens, and there are also the odd coin to find as well. Powerups such as extra fire power, health and speed can be found and used touching an on screen button. Only one can be carried at a time, and using the correct power up at the right time is key to get some massive kills.

Max Adventure comes with two game modes: story and survival. Survival is exactly what it sounds like, and it is slightly boring as the enemies feel less lethal than they are. The story mode is cute telling the story by text bubbles, and cartoons. Mission objectives ranges from finding your friends to killing off bosses. Generally the game difficulty is on the easy side, and the average twin stick shooter fan can complete the game within two hours. Finding all the treasure for the levels is the only reason to go back using the level select. Between levels money can be used to purchase powerups, and power up slots. These are permanent, and can make Max quicker, more powerful and even self-regenerating his health. Needless to say this makes the game even easier.

img_2110The graphics are cute, but at the same time the game feels unpolished. There is a murky, blurry look to the entire game world. Enemies look like they come out of classic game Day of the Tentacle.

Worth mentioning is the excellent music combining classical orchestral arrangements with some heavy drums. It sounds weird, and yet highly captivating. Sound effects are decent, although the constant zapping can get on my nerves. You can play your own music alongside the sound effects.

Max Adventure is a short somewhat easy twin stick shooter. The cuteness factor combined with instant playability and varied levels still make it one of the most fun games to play in the genre. I can fully recommend it as a fun diversion for those into twin stick shooters, and as a good entry point for newcomers.

Final Rating


Max Adventure $0.99 Universal
Version: 1.1
Seller: Imangi Studios, LLC

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