Mashed Up Monkeys Review

Farting monkeys, anyone?

I never thought that I would open a review with a reference to the infamous Ow My Balls, but Mashed up Monkeys’ sense of humor bears a resemblance to that in the aforementioned fart-centric title. Much like in Ow My Balls, your character in Mashed up Monkeys is propelled via their own farts. The rest of the game is similarly crude- which was initially shocking when compared to what is expected of the stereotypical iOS “collect three ______ per level” puzzler. Mashed up Monkeys’ take on comedy never quite grew on me, but its gameplay mechanics certainly did.

Play Mashed up Monkeys long enough, and you will realize what a mistake it would have been to write the game off based solely on its stylistic oddity. The game requires players to leap to the top of each level and slice open a basket of fruit- sending the fruit plummeting down towards a pot of ‘juice’. Along the way and even after the basket has been sliced, players must not only retrieve gold and destroy enemies, but also manipulate the environment to ensure that the fruit will reach the goal as it drops down towards the pot. The game is not afraid to layer in new mechanics, or to modify previously learned mechanics in an effort to keep the players on their toes. Mashed up Monkeys ultimately requires a level of forethought and finesse in execution that surpasses many similar games.

Because of the degree of response required of the player, it is disappointing that the game control does not stand up to the test. I suppose that since each jump is actually a fart, one could expect the controls to be ‘floaty.’ Whatever the reason, monkeys don’t turn on a dime, and it feels as if there is a slight delay to the double-jump. I also found myself frequently latching on to a vine that I didn’t intend to- which is likely because of my difficulty with the jumping/farting. While the game controls are decent overall, I experienced what I feel to be quite a few wrongful deaths.

I appreciate the way in which the scoring system is implemented in Mashed up Monkeys. There is no ambiguity about how many golden heads of three you earn, because they are directly collected in the level. I am mostly relieved that the game doesn’t implement an arbitrary points system.

The crude humor shouldn’t keep you away from what really is a decent puzzle action experience. However; if manic, farting monkeys bleeding out in bear traps sounds like a riot to you, don’t give this a second thought.

Final Score: 


Mashed up Monkeys is available for $0.99 as a Universal App

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