Manage Your Football Club review

I remember when I booted up my old Commodore 64 back in the day to play some football manager. It was great fun trying to find the correct line-up, and choosing whether to play with an injured Robson or go for someone less likely to score while he recovered. Now I got the feeling back with MYFC – Manage Your Football Club. MYFC is a full-featured football manager game for the iPhone with all I have come to expect from a manager title.

img_0157You get to choose one team from the English leagues to manage. If you want to play in the lower leagues you can do so, and if you want to go straight for the top you can choose a Premier league team. I would have loved to be able to play with teams from other leagues as well but as of now we are limited to leagues from the land of Nigel the Great.

You must decide everything that has to do with your team, and how they perform. Starting line-up, formation, tactics and substitutions are your responsibility. Setting up friendlies and arranging training with the proper trainer are also on your agenda. Finding good staff, and buying/selling players are how far your economic responsibilities go. And I am thankful that I don’t have to dwell too much on the economics, as it is more fun to concentrate on the game of football. I have played manager games where I have got myself more preoccupied with building arenas than winning games, and that has always led to having to play around too much with crunching numbers and calculating mortgages.

MYFC has a clean interface that still lets you get a lot of needed information about your team. Touch controls in portrait mode lets you play this at work without anyone noticing as well. Instead of a tutorial you have an information button at the lower right side that gives you a text explaining the current page, and the choices you can make. A good way of helping you along as there is a lot of things to control in MYFC. Matches are played much in the way that they were back on my Commodore 64 with a top down view of the field. An oversized ball moving about to the text commentaries below shows the action. I can’t fathom that I still find this to be exciting, but I do. You can set different speeds up to times five, or skip this completely just to receive a result after the match.

img_0559There is no music, and the game fades out my own which is a bummer. I really think a game lacking own music should allow played music to keep playing. Sound effects are sparse with the odd interface click, and match whistle.

A big shortcoming is the fact that there is only one save game slot. I think you should be able to have at least a couple to choose from. I wanted to start a new game in a lower league but that meant I had to get my Manchester United save deleted.

If you are completely new to football manager games I think MYFC might be the hard place to start. It relies on some experience, but I think that you can play it quite well if you are versed in football, and either play it yourself or follow it on the telly. You have to be aware that football manager games are a whole lot about numbers, and statistics. If you are into football manager games MYFC is a good choice, as it plays well and seems to be based on a good database of teams and players. The price might seem steep but gamelife is really long and if you just play through it just once you will definitely get you moneys worth.

img_0562Final Rating


Manage Your Football Club $5.99

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  • leiste

    There´s Soccer Manager. Also not bad.

  • Gazza

    MYFC is way better than Soccer Manager. The game has so many options available to you as a manager and is so easy to play.

  • 23qwerty

    Meh, we needs us some Hockey manager.

  • louis

    i have a problm of substituting playerz how can i substitute my player help