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At times games enter my iPhone that mesmerize me beyond belief. This can be due to being really fun and playable or by being strange and wacky. Makibishi Comic is definitely wacky, so wacky that I got hooked by it. My baby girls were fighting around me, toddling over me and tried stealing my iPhone. But I was stuck into the village the Robot Ninjas hid in, and I had to find them on behalf of the Assassin Ninjas. Other than that I just went with the flow.

img_0842Makibishi Comic is a manga point and click/hidden objects game. You have to solve puzzles by finding the correct object to tap, and at times combine objects. The gameplay is as simple as it sounds at heart, but hey it is the same that is used in quite deep games such as Simon the Sorcerer and Legend of Monkey Island. And just like in the two aforementioned games puzzles tend to be hard to grasp the logic behind at times.

You have to find the five Robot Ninjas scattered across a map, and you can take them in whatever order you want to. img_0843The graphical style is really appealing to me, and more often to the me that I should probably have left behind some 25 years ago: the piss and shit humour seven-year-old. Some of the things you see, and affect in the game are really weird. This is actually what hooked me to Makibishi Comic, as I wanted to see more weird puzzles and imagery.

The graphics are quite ok, albeit at times they are a bit dark. The characters are full of personality, and the full screen manga illustration for each comment you get when clicking a character is often very expressive. The music becomes really repetitive, and especially when you get stuck on a Robot Ninja and have to listen to it for half an hour. You can turn the music off, and listen to your own music instead.

img_0844Most puzzles can be solved by the fact that there aren’t that many objects to interact with. Still I got really stuck on one where you have to collect a special type of balls, and I could find all but one. Had to actually go to an online walkthrough for that part, and the part that was almost impossible even with the walkthrough. To collect the underground Robot Ninja you have to play a tune according to a note sheet, and you do this by tapping small ninjas that all stand for a note each. Impossible for me at least.

There are a couple of achievements, and even online leaderboards to lengthen gamelife. It is strange to have leaderboards for a puzzle hidden object game in my opinion, and I didn’t realise it until I completed the game. The game takes a couple of hours to complete with an occasional hint from an online walkthrough. Without any help I think it might have taken me a life time, or at least more time than I was willing to spend on the game.

img_0789I would not want to have missed out on the experience I had with Makibishi Comic, but yet it is hard to fully recommend it. It is not much gameplay to be found, and once you have completed it there is little reason to go back again. Still at $0.99 I think it might be a game worthy of a couple of hours of your life. And yeah, you have to be at least 17 years old to download…strange as my inner seven-year-old didn’t come to harm from playing Makibishi Comic.

Final Rating


Makibishi Comic $0.99 Sale
Version: 1.0
Seller: GungHo Works, Inc

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    i’m gonna get it. BY the way anyway below 17 can get it too because you have to be 18 to have a credit card and itunes only allows credit cards. so if you have an itunes account you are probably using your parent’s card and can still get it!!