Magical Tower Defense review

Magical Tower Defense is a path tower defense game with cute characters instead of towers. It reminds me a lot of the graphical style, map layout and controls found in Crystal Defenders from Square Enix.

There are ground enemies that move along the path, and airborne units flying in circles over the map. You have five different units to place to inflict as much damage as possible. It is hard to tell which units are good against certain enemies. Sure the dwarf is only good against ground enemies, but how strong is the archer and the mage against ground targets? I don’t know. I tend to just place a lot of units in the middle of the map to make sure I kill all flying enemies as well. Then I just upgrade the units to turn them into killing machines. Each unit can be upgraded five levels, and as far as I can tell it is better to upgrade a unit fully instead of placing many weaker units.

img_0407The enemies come in waves, and you have a set number of waves to survive. You have to make sure to stop as many as possible as you have a limited supply of health points. Basically it is exactly what you come to expect from a tower defense game with set paths. The only thing added is the power up that you get from your units killing enemies. These massive power ups look great, and come in five different strengths. From hail of fire to a large stomping fist that fills the screen. This is a cool feature but not really enough to set Magical Tower Defense apart from the rest of the tower defense games.

Presentation & Graphics


Watch out for the hummer attack folks!

Magical Tower Defense looks really good with nice graphical effects. Enemies are less inspired than the cute tower characters. Would have liked to know more about the units strengths within the game. Now you have to go to the main menu, and open the manual to get information about the units. The translation to English is really lacking in the game as well. Just look at the main menu “start new games”.



No music, only the expected tower defense sounds albeit a bit loud and tinny. You can play your own music together with the sound effects. Actually I can’t find any way to turn the sound effects down or off. I would have liked to at least lower the volume as they are quite loud in comparison to podcasts and audiobooks.


img_0406Touch a unit you want to build, touch a green square on the map to build it there. Touch a unit to choose to sell or upgrade it. Touch the power up icon to unleash hell on the enemies. Simple working touch controls.

Not knowing any stats of units or enemies takes a lot of the strategic elements out of Magical Tower Defense. I compared it to Crystal Defenders at the start of the review but when Crystal Defenders demands strategy Magical Tower Defense demands quick unit placement and quick upgrading. To me this is not a fun or interesting aspect of strategy games unless you have really clear characteristics for the towers like in geoDefense and geoDefense Swarm.

The gameplay is quick, and you have a fast forward button to further increase the speed.


img_0405Only a handful of maps to play on the three different levels of difficulty. No story mode, you just chase local high scores for the different maps. You can’t go back to replay a single map as far as I can tell but have to replay all of them in series. There are 77 achievements in the game, but as you don’t know what is demanded to achieve them it feels pointless. You only get ????? until the achievement is unlocked.

Game Rating


Magical Tower Defense feels just as uninspired as it’s title. With a genre as overpopulated with quality games I think Magical Tower Defense needs to add something to make it stand out. Poor translation and lack of content make it hard for me to recommend Magical Tower Defense at $2.99. And I got a nagging feeling that perhaps Square Enix should get a share of the money Magical Tower Defense makes as it is really similar to Crystal Defenders.

Magical Tower Defense $2.99

Magical Tower Defense Lite

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  • Jawa

    Another great review Torbjorn. Will stay clear of this one!

  • timmmmyyy

    this game sucks. 10 lives? and its too easy to get through.