Machball Quick Review

Machball is an extremely fast paced casual game in which you must guide a ball to the goal using your fingers to create barriers to bounce the ball around. This game is quite boring, it’s almost like a game of pinball, but much less fun. In pinball at least, you’ve got the pins and little minigames  of knocking down the pins or letting out a few extra balls. In Machball, all we have is our fingers bouncing a ball around at high speeds. bounce bounce bounce

There is not much to do other then bounce the ball around until you can get it to the finish line. That’s really all there is to this game, and there’s not much else to say. Don’t bother buying this game, as it will get quite annoying very fast.

Final Rating:


Machball – $0.99

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    this is how 1/2 star reviews should be.

  • Joshn

    Ouch, Harsh :P