Macally Galaxy S4 case reviews

Macally have been all about iPhone, and iPad cases but now they have also released a whole bunch of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4.
Not too strange considering the massive sales, and demand for quality cases it brings. Four cases are up for review, and most of them have been reviewed in their iPhone versions.


The Curve is a hardshell made from glossy hard polycarbonate with a rubber interior. This rubber is also used along the sides, and as a line across the back. Having a line across the back gives the case a sporty touch. Beside looking really cool this enhances the grip, and this is really great. The glossy back would have been quite slippery without these rubberized accents.

For protection this is excellent protecting the back, sides and screen by having an extended border on the front. Some slight bulk is added, but to me this actually makes the S4 easier to use. The raised lip on the front means that I don’t accidentally access the haptic buttons. The power, and volume controls are covered in rubber and quite easy to operate.

The Curve is a great all-round case with a sleek look to it that should appeal to most S4 owners.



Curve at €19.95


I have been a fan of bumpers ever since the antenna problems forced Apple to release their version for the iPhone 4. Macally has made their own version of the bumper with the Rim, and it is a great development.

A central polycarbonate rim with rubberized edges gives the Rim strength, and perfect grip. You insert the S4 from the top, and it sits securely like if it had been a full-bodied hardcase. The back of the Rim slants just like the S4 keeping the lines of the device intact.

For protection this is great giving impact protection to the sides, back and front by the raised edges. Sure the back is open if you drop it on a rock or other protruding object. The added grip makes up for this, as you are not likely to drop it in the first place. The buttons are protected by rubber, and are quite easy to operate.

The Rim is a personal favourite of mine taking the bumper to the next level. This product comes highly recommended, and I can definitely consider using it as my permanent solution in the future.



Rim at €14.95

Polka Hardshell

The Polka is a hardshell made in two tones of glossy polycarbonate. This makes it look cool with contrasting colours. It does however mean that it smudges easily.

For protection it is ok giving good protection for the back, and sides but minimal protection for the screen. There is a tiny raised edge on the front protecting the screen, and you can place the phone screen down. There are cut-outs for the buttons, and the slanted sides of the S4 make them quite finicky to reach.

The issue I have wit the Polka is that the fit isn’t great. There is some flex between the case and device making it creak. Given the already plastic nature of the S4 this combination makes it feel even more plastic fantastic.

The Polka is a great looking case, but sadly it isn’t an ideal combination with the S4.



Polka Hardshell at €16.95


The Weave is a polycarbonate hardshell cover with a fabric back. This is not a soft fabric, but rather feels like strands of plastic on the back. This is not a bad thing, as it still gives a different sensation and look. The patterns look like a lot of zippers.

For protection the Weave is quite good covering the back, sides and front with a minimal edge. The slightly rubberized sides add some grip. There are cut-outs for the buttons, and the slanted sides of the S4 make them quite finicky to reach.

I really enjoy using the S4 in the Weave, and it is a great all-round case for everyday use.



Weave at €19.95

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