Lux Touch
Quick Review

Review by Matt Dunn

Even mentioning Risk and iPhone in the same sentence is pretty rediculous, unless of course you’re talking about AT&T being your service provider! Jokes aside, I never thought a Risk emulator could be done so simply and elegantly, especially in a FREE game. It’s everything your little world-dominating mind can handle, all in a tightly wrapped package of iPhone sexiness.

Presentation & Graphics:

Simple clean art. Animation is minimal, but it works. Where are the menus? Options? Anything aside from the main game?


I’m sorry, but little explosion/battle sounds never get old, and the sound when someone gets wiped out is CLASSIC. Could have used some epic war music, or maybe a few more sounds.


Very easy to pick up if you know the game, but in DIRE need of a manual/tutorial otherwise. Great and challenging AI. No explanations for card combos. It seems too often that a player with one country left will get 95 armies out of the blue and take everything over. WTF? It also lacks a save game option, which isn’t too bad considering games are generally fairly quick, but definitely would be nice.

Game life:

This game is seriously addicting. It’s basically an accelerated version of the original Risk game, with each game lasting from 15-30 minutes depending on how well you do. That said, you could easily knock down an hour or two straight trying to conquer the world on your cell phone, and then come back later that day for more!

Game rating:

Final Word:

Even at it’s current early stage in development, Lux Touch is a ton of fun for Risk fans everywhere. There is plenty to be desired for sure, but it’s free, so if you enjoy war/conquest games there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pick it up. Oh, and the developers have a tease of what’s to come (not included when reviewing the game, of course!): more maps, more settings, more “hot” graphics, more human players… woot! Pretty impressive that a game can score so well off pure entertainment value – especially when so much is left to be developed!

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  • lakeshore

    The missing save game thing is “not too bad” because the games last about 15 minutes? Hello? You are on a mobile phone, you can get interruptions every time, every minute, every second. A game like Lux where you play for half an hour conquering the world just looses everything you have done if you get a call. And you call this “not too bad”? This is the one must-have-feature for every app on this platform!

  • iPGN-Matt

    I see your point, and I suppose I just don’t see Lux as really being a large time commitment. It’s a very casual and quick version of a normally long game. I actually had someone call me during one game, and it didn’t really bother me because I had another game up and running very quickly. I agree though, that this is absolutely a must, at LEAST for paid games! ;)

  • katsuPodder

    It’s worth pointing out there is another Risk game for the iPhone. It’s called Virtual Conquest – and it does save your game if you get a call, the phone crashes, or you just want to leave it for a while.
    Look it up.

  • iPGN-Matt

    ORLY. I will have to check that out. Thanks for the tip!