Lucky 11s review

Here goes with my first review, as Nige’s better half, he suggested I tried this game, and I’m sure much to his annoyance I love it. As an iphone games network widow it means that while he’s making updates to the site or recording his latest views I can borrow his phone and spend hours trying to better my last score.

This is exactly the type of game that appeals to me, I can just pick it up, get the little grey cells working and know, that for once, I will beat Nige at a game especially when it comes to mental arithmetic!

The objective of each round is to clear the board and open the casino vault to gain points and move on the next round. This is achieved by removing chips from the each vault in groups of 11 until the door is finally uncovered. A wild chip and rotating chips help clear the board.

This game is brought to the iphone by Megatouch, who have spent the last 30 years developing games for touch screen technology seen in pubs and bars across the world. It translates really well and its intuitive game play proves they know their stuff.

original-1So how does it play… Creating a combination of chips to add up to eleven is simple and easy is to use, got me hooked right away. With the added pressure of an alarm when your mind goes blank and can’t remember if 8+3 is 11. The trick is also not to rely on the extra chips or the wild chip in the first round as you run out of both to quickly and know going into the next round its almost impossible to reach 175,000 points and therefore the bonus round. There’s no titling, shaking, just tapping and it delivers quick addictive fun. I personally would like to have seen more options, with the ability take the points and keep going in a marathon style game. Or, changing the total you’re working towards ie lucky 12 or 14. The total scores are also only local currently and would be great to see an online score board.


Presentation & Graphics:
Simply clean graphics with clear functionality on button behaviour  and interaction.


The alarm sound when time is running out, adds to the mounting pressure of trying to clear the board. Nice touch.

Rather than a cup of coffee, why not pick up Lucky 11’s and give your brain a workout. Good caffeine free fun.

A three minute of mental workout. (or hours in my case)

Final rating:

So whilst Nige is recording the next podcast with the boys, for your entertainment you can be certain I’ll be enjoying a not so quick game of Lucky 11’s and making sure I’m top of the leaderboard in our house!


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  • sam

    good game

  • Jay

    nice review Lisa

  • Alex

    it’s okay. not really challenging. cracked the vault open first time through. they need to change the number from 11 to something else every few seconds to make it harder

  • susan

    does anyone know how to get to 400,000 points? the highest i got is.. 388,450…

  • Sinned

    its easy. my highest score is 452,200 right now. i goal is to 500k

  • Beckers

    How at people getting 350,000+ points? What am I missing? Can someone give me a heads up!

  • mike

    Is there a difference in points accrued if I use 2 chips to get 11, or more than 2? Sometimes i get 70k on the first round, and sometimes i get 100K, but i have no clue what i did differently!!

  • Lisa

    Yes, it does seem a bit random. but using more chips and not using the wild card possibly gives you a higher overall score.

  • John

    The games broke. Heres why: So if you have played enough you know that the points ur chips are worth goes up by 100 as long as you dont use the “next chip” button or whatever. Once you have to hit the next chip button it starts back at 0. Now the problem is this carries over to the next game for some reason. Example: Say i play and do crappy on round 1 and dont even get the bonus. Then Round 2 isnt bad at all and i hit a nice little streak to end the game but still not reaching the 175k to advance to the bonus round. Well even though that game is completly over, that streak i had in round 2 to end the game will start right back where it left off in round 1 of my new game. SOOOO if u wanna get a legit highscore, be sure ur starting out with no streak still goin from a past game you lost ;) its easy to overlook and not realize. im prity sure its not possible to get over 400k without expliting this glitch. My best is 377k and i have played a long time….

  • Duong Tam

    My top score is 1,577,100, there is the trick to get more bonus point

  • Shuffler

    I get over 375K all the time. What is the trick, Duong Tam. What should I do. what is the strategy?

  • http://yahoo roxie merkel

    i played the game had the highest score for a couple of weeks but my high is only 350 how in the world did they ever get 400 whats the stradegy speed using no chips or what

  • http://yahoo rocket rod

    whats the key to get more bonus points


    Many may not realise.. Having 2 or 3 chips to form 11 is not the main issue.
    If you have played long enough, you will realise that at a certain time, the first combination will get you 1k+ points, or 2k+ points. Only from there u can achieve high score.
    While maintaining the high scores, combination with several chips gets you with multiplied of scores. This is where you need to be lucky, by not having to use the ‘Next Chip’.
    So the trick is.. Keep restarting the game until you get at least 1k+ score from each chip at the start of the game. If not, keep restarting :)
    So far I could get over 200k in round 1.
    above 1mil is quite hack. I wouldn’t believe it unless Duong Tam you can show us :)