Low Grav Racer – Review

lowgravBy Nigel Wood

With it’s great tilt controls, it was only a matter of time before the iPhone received it’s first futuristic hover racer. Looking like a cross between Wipeout and F-Zero, Low Grav Racer put’s you in control of a hover speeder where you must compete against other AI controlled racers across 12 tracks.

To progress to the next race you must finish the three laps of any track in to the top three. To aid you, numerous powerups can be picked up along the way, such as shields, boosts, mines and torpedos in various sizes and destructive power. 

lowgravYour ship auto accelerates, and apart from the boost powerups you can also pick up a quick speed by tailing an opponent and using their slipstream as an advantage. Should you get hit or scrape the side barriers of the tracks you will slow, and with some weapons come to a complete stop. So if yo are in the lead it’s best to concentrate on picking up the shields and weaving left to right to avoid get a torpedo up your rear end!

The tilt controls are great, just the right balance, not to tight and not too loose. There’s no drift mechanic, instead you need to take the turns early and tight if you don’t want to hit the sides. A brake is available on the touch screen to the left but as is common in games of this type you won’t need it, especially in the beginner craft and the early tracks. Weapons are fired by tapping the relevant button as it is available.

lowgrav2The graphics look good, a little low poly here and there, but this does ensure a smooth framerate which is key for this kind of game. There isn’t much detail like you’d find in Wipeout, instead looking more like F-Zero with wider and simpler track designs. The ships look more like F-Zero too but sport the Wipeout style exhaust trails which look great. The weapons also have this pleasing effect as you watch the torpedos snake their way off into the distance to claim their prey.

Overall, low grav racer is a solid racing title, and worthy of the $5.99 price. It has a good level of challenge, with smooth gameplay, good presentation and sound.


Presentation and Graphics
The graphics won’t blow you away, but the smooth framerate ensures a fast and fun race experience


Your typical rock techno beats are good on the ears, as well as some solid sound effects.


Great tilt controls, a good selection of tracks and a solid AI challenge offer a great all round experience.


12 tracks and three hover speeders for varying difficulty will keep you occupied for a few hours. There’s also a single play mode for a quick blast while waiting for a bus or on the train to work.

Some kind of muliplayer would be a welcome addition in the next version.


Game rating
If you are looking for some hover speeder love, then you can’t go wrong with Low Grav racer.

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  • pintos-n-cheese

    Thanks, great review. I like the dropping of some detail in favor of a buttery smooth frame rate for such a racer. Besides, if everything is speeding by, you don’t need to see it as much…

    I wonder, are there any tracks with loops in them, or crazy verticals? How about jumps??