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Make Love not War is an old slogan that we hear quite rarely these days. How about making Love Love? I am all for that way of viewing life. Instead of saying we should do this, and not that we do double of the good stuff. My ramblings are indeed somewhat induced by playing too much Love Love the past week.

In Love Love you get a combination of Tetris and Alchemize. Two heart blocks fall together, and you can rotate them by tapping. img_2027Dragging around lets you place them where you want to. As with all touch controls for falling blocks games they can be kind of twitchy at times. This is not a problem at all in the early minutes of a game, but as blocks fall faster the problem becomes apparent for me. A block affects surrounding blocks by changing their colour. This is the Alchemize aspect of the game that I really like. A red block turns orange if a yellow lands next to it. The possibly to create some massive combos is huge.

When the screen is filled the game is over, and you get to record your score locally, and on the global leaderboards. To me this game is more of a relaxation experience, but you can definitely play it as a hardcore Tetris style game as well.

The lucid dreamy backgrounds, cool effects and overall highly polished graphics makes it a great experience playing Love Love. img_1026An ambient soundtrack further enhances the relaxed lovely nature of the game. At times I found the music a bit too sleepy, and actually started to nod off a bit. You can play your own music instead, and please make sure it at least goes along the theme of Love.

I really enjoy playing Love Love even though I am not 100% satisfied with the controls. The music, hypnotic gameplay and general feelgood vibe all turn this into something to spend time with. It only has one game mode “make love”, and heck that is all we want. Isn’t it?

Final Rating


Love Love $1.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Bambalam

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