Love Gears review

Can you get the gears of love turning for these love monsters?

The path to love seems to differ quite a bit between different species. For us in the Western world it has gone from planned weddings between families, to freedom to choose, and with it the hardships of dating. Still I do prefer the method we have devised compared to the way used by the monsters in Love Gears. The male has to prove his worth to the female by solving puzzles to lower her to him. The puzzles are all about gears, and connecting them in the correct order. In the end it is really worth it, as each level end with some nice snogging.

A great way to describe the game is that it is like Cut the Rope, but instead of supplying candy by cutting ropes at the precise moment you have to connect spinning gears. Love Gears is certainly just as cute, and comes with a lot of cuddly love. There have been quite a few great gear puzzle games in the App Store such as the obvious Geared. Love Gears is a bit on the easy side, but still not a pushover if you want to get three hearts for all levels. My kids have had issues with the core principle of the game, but then they are just four and five years old.

With 54 levels you get a couple of hours of fun puzzle solving. For those looking to always get perfect scores there are a few more hours since the stars are awarded the less moves you use.

The presentation is cute, bright and colourful. It is easy to fall for the monsters involved, and their kids. There is perhaps a bit too much cuddling going on at times, and my kids thought the animation upon completing a level was a bit too much and long. This is a feelgood experience, and I always get in good spirits after a few levels of gear solving.

Love Gears is a casual gear puzzle game that brings smiles to gamers. It might not be a revolution to the genre, or provide the hardest gear puzzles out there. It is one of those games you can play together with your kids, or by yourself if you are keen on maximizing your scores. An easy game to recommend.

Final Rating


Love Gears $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod


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