Lone Wolf Review (BANG BANG!)

From the looks of the app store, the iPhone may as well be a training for snipers and hit men. There are so many sniper simulations available that it’s hard not to own one. Well, unfortunately for me, I put my ball in the wrong court, because the only sniping game I own on my iPhone is Lone Wolf, and boy, if aiming a gun is anywhere as hard as aiming in Lone Wolf, then a hit man, I will never be.

When the game first booted up I was pretty impressed, it has nice looking flash-esque visuals, that I found pretty appealing. The sound is also pretty good. Gun shots sound like gun shots, people dieing sound like people dieing. (If you can actually get the controls to work to kill someone.) If the game was ugly it would be even more miserable to play, and you’ll see why when we get to controls.

The problems with Lone Wolf begin at the most basic and rudimentary level, that being the controls. In a game that is all about precision aim, one would think precision controls would be just as important, apparently not. In the land of Lone Wolf, being a highly skilled sniper apparently means you swing your gun around like a carousel and hope to hit something. It is just damn near impossible to acutely aim and pick head shots on guys, which is what sniping, to me at least, is all about.

sni1That’s where the good ends, because the rest of the game is absolute garbage. As I mentioned before the aiming is awful. On top of that control method is downright dumb. Aiming is all motion based, which makes sense, if it was actually done well. To shoot there is what appears to be some kind of pistol on the bottom of the screen that you have to slide your finger along, much like a trigger. (Makes no sense why it looks like a pistol, when I would assume, as a sniper you would opt for a rifle.) Problem with this being that most of the time when you slide your finger along the trigger to shoot, it end ups jarring what you are aiming at and you lose the shot. To zoom in and out there is a little telescope at the top of the screen, slide you finger one way zooms in, and the other zooms out. This is the only aspect of the controls that I did not find to be abysmal. The rest, well to say the very least, I’ve seen better.

Another major issue I have is that the enemies aren’t really alive. The stand in one place, and even when you shoot at them and miss (which happens more so then not), they do not move, they just kind of stand there and let you line up your shot for how ever long it happens to take you. Maybe it’s just me, but if someone fired a shot at me, I’d be bolting for some cover ASAP.

Overall, Lone Wolf is not great, it’s not good, it’s not average, it’s just down right bad. If you like shooting games, you’d be better of playing iHunt. Well maybe not, but Shooter is definitely a lot better sniper game then this, and would be a much better way to spend you’re hard earned money.

Presentation & Graphics

Nice flash style graphics. However, the fact that enemies don’t really move at all, makes the world look flat and not like a real place I’d want to be.


Gun shots sound like they should, and the people dieing sound like I would imagine someone getting shot would sound.

The aiming and shooting in this game are really bad, and since it’s a sniper game, this kind of ruins the whole experience.


There is a good amount of levels in the game, however, since the game is almost unplayable, it really doesn’t matter, because you want to go in and play all of the levels.

Game Rating


Overall, Operation Lone Wolf is just not a good game. I recommend staying away from it, there are a lot of better sniper games available on the app store for your money.

Buy $2.99 (please don’t)

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  • Ray Taylor

    “That’s where the good ends, because the rest of the game is absolute garbage. As I mentioned before the aiming is awful. On top of that control method is downright dumb”

    You can’t say that!