Logitech UE Mobile Boombox Bluetooth Speaker and Speakerphone review

UE stands for Ultimate Ears, but it could have stood for Ultimate Everything.

After testing two great sets of headphones from Ultimate Ears I was sure that I had reached the peak of their product range for 2012. A week later I had to re-evaluate that thought, as the Mobile Boombox had completely blown me away. It is an itty bitty little speaker with a front that is more or less the same size as an iPhone. The power per square inch of speaker is immense, and if it could have been translated into a larger full size speaker it would tear down walls.

The Mobile Boombox is a portable speaker with a battery capable of putting out loud music for more than a workday. I have not noticed much of a drop in power, or bass when just running from the batteries. That is impressive, as there is usually quite a large trade-off going on. This is not large enough to cover a living room party, or exercise gym class. It is however enough to cover that same living room if there are just a couple of people listening to music, and definitely enough to cover a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. I can even see it used as a makeshift car-stereo.

Besides putting out quite impressive volume the Mobile Boombox can be used as a speakerphone. I found this to be slightly awkward since the range isn’t that great. Still it works if you have it next to your workspace, or in your kitchen taking a call while chopping onions. I would not consider it for professional everyday usage however, but rather for personal use when someone calls while you are rocking it out to the music.

The Bluetooth on this little thingy is absolutely impressive with a range up to fifty metres. I have used it downstairs when preparing dinner with my iPhone 5 charging next to my computer one floor up. No clicking, or weird noises between tracks. Just seamless streaming the way it is supposed to work. If you want to save some battery on both the Boombox, and source you can use a 3.5 mm cable instead.

Charging is done by means of the standard micro-USB adapter as used by most Android phones these days. There are always someone with a charger if you run out of juice, and have left the adapter at home.

One thing that should have been included in the box is a pouch, or even better a hardcase for it. Sure the design is durable, but still it would have been a good addition when travelling.

Large buttons for volume, and play/pause can be found on top of the Boombox. On the back there is an on/off switch, and a paired iPhone immediately hooks up when I turn it on. I would have liked to get rid of the boot up sound that is a bit annoying. A minor complaint though.

The Mobile Boombox from Ultimate Ears is a dream for anyone looking for small portable sound.  It is perfect if you live in a small apartment. For me who has a lot of kids in other parts of the house it means that I can play my own music loud in a room without disturbing anyone. For professional usage it is enough to power presentations for up to fifteen people in a conference room. I can see so many venues where this device is useful, and unparalleled in power to size ratio. Highly recommended.

Final Rating


Portable Boombox at SEK 990

Portable Boombox at the US Apple Store $99.95


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