Logitech Keyboard Case review

The Keyboard case from Logitech was originally released for the iPad 2, but I have used it extensively with the New iPad.

Albeit a bit thicker the New iPad can still be held in place, and is just as protected. As a case this might not be ideal, and if you aren’t interesested in the actual keyboard this is not a good option. This is definately intended for those who spend quite a lot of time with their iPad writing texts, emails and tweets. For protection the case works really well, and allows the iPad to be put in bags without risk of damaging the screen. The back however is left completely exposed, and to some that might be an issue when it comes to dirt and scratches. Using a slim hardcase backcover is not a good option, as it is hard to fit into the groove of the Keyboard case. Thin skins can be used though for scratch protection of the back.

When it comes to funcitonality, as a keyboard this Bluetooth keyboard has it all. I have access to the exact same keys that I have on my Macbook Pro with the function keys being the exception. There is a row of function keys, but they lack the F1-F12 tags. Still many of the same functions are there such as play/pause, forward and mute. Some added functions are also presents such as cut/paste, spotlight search, home button and image slide shows. All in all I can’t ask for more than this keyboard supplies. To some it might feel a bit narrow, and there are some edges that can get annoying if you have large hands. It is also hard to find some proper place to rest the hands when using the keyboard.

There are only a on/off switch, and a connect button besides the actual keyboard. Indicators for charging, and connection status are also present. It is really easy to pair the keyboard to an iPad, or iPhone for that matter. The same process with a code to put in using the keyboard that I used to pair my Bluetooth keyboard to my iMac. Once paired it instantly finds my iPad when I press the connect button.

Worth noting is that the stylish design of the Keyboard case is a real attention grabber. It has single handedly sold the iPad idea to a load of my colleagues previously on the fence. Sleek aluminium finish that complements the iPad perfectly. Designed in cooperation between Logitech, and Zagg it is impressive.

The Logitech Keyboard case went to a meeting together with my New iPad without me. Schools are changing in Sweden, and the World and the Keyboard iPad combo was shown at a meeting with some of the school leaders in my city. Needless to say they were impressed both with the idea of protection, and having a fully functional keyboard for students. To me this is the kind of solution that would render old PCs obsolete once and for all.

The Keyboard case is one of the most impressive products I have ever tried outside of the Apple stuff. It is minimal in design yet fully featured, and gives a lot of extra versatility to the iPad. When not writing it works well, as a stand in both portrait and landscape mode when viewing videos for example. Being able to work with the iPad, as a laptop in a park and then just placing it in my backpack without bulk or weight is awesome. I see it as a gamechanger for schools, students and bloggers everywhere.

Final Rating



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  • DeInit

    How does this compare to carrying around the Apple BT keyboard? It’s slim enough that it doesn’t add real bulk to any carrying solution, and the added width is still within the standards of most strap bags. It actually allows you to distance screen and keyboard. So what would make this cover a better fit, in your opinion?

    Also, Logitech just released a version that is slimmer and attaches magnetically a la smartcover, also switching off the iPad when closed, but does not allow for portrait use.