Logic3 Ferrari R100i In-Ear Headphones review

Wind in my hair, a blonde by my side, and then I ran out of quarters.

To dream is free, and one of the dreams I have had since being a kid is driving a Ferrari. Ever since playing Outrun in the arcades a red Ferrari has been a hallmark of style. Now that dream has been rekindled with the series of Ferrari-branded headphones released by Logic3. These include a wide variety of headphones from in-ear to on-ear noise cancelling. I have had the pleasure to spend quite some time with the upper mid range R100i, and the top tier T350.

The R100i is a set of in-ear headphones that comes with a snub-nosed design that makes them stand out from the crowd. That, and the Ferrari logo found at the back of the housing set in a grill to mimic the front of the car. The materials used are predominantly plastic for the housing, which feels a tad cheap considering the brand used to market these. Still the design is well executed with no seams, and they are sturdy despite the low weight.

The microphone is place perfectly next to the mouth on the cord. As the headphones can be changed from left to right you can choose what side you prefer the microphone on. The audio quality is great, and I found that the mic could pick up my voice well even when out cycling. Having the call/play button slightly larger in the middle of the volume controls makes it easy to reach, and it is highly responsive.

The cord is made from woven fabric that is less likely to tear, or tangle. What it does however is transfer a lot of noise from rubbing against clothes. This is the only real concern I have with these, and to me it is weird as most fabric cords are less likely to pick up noise. Urbanears, and Atomic Floyd have a great fabric cord for a lot of their products. The straight connector looks cool with some industrial design.

So how does a set of Ferrari headphones sound? Actually this is a great question, as I really had no special expectations. A Ferrari is fast, but not furious. So heavy bass in a Beats by Dr Dre fashion is not part of the experience. Rather I would call these balanced with a slight warm bassy edge in the vein of B&W P5, and the sound produced by Bose. Most sound sources benefit from using these, but there isn’t that much extra fun added. To conclude you can say that there isn’t that much added by the Ferrari brand, but there isn’t any additions harming them either.

With a cool packaging, and an even cooler carbon fibre style carrying pouch this is one cool cookie. If you have a passion for the car, brand and lifestyle you aren’t sacrificing your music to get these. Highly competent in-ear headphones where you pay a premium price for a premium brand.

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