Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T350 ANC headphones review

As high end, as the car it is inspired by.

If the Scuderia Ferrari Collection from Logic3 can be seen as the racing side of the brand, the Cavalino Collection can be seen as the lavish luxury side of things. The Cavalino Collection brings a series of on-ear, and in-ear headphones all in a more noble high-end design. The T350 I have on my head writing this review is made from metal and leather with some plastic details.

These cans come in a huge box rivalling even Beats by Dr Dre when it comes to packaging. Once you manage to get inside the box by dragging the top part out you get nice Ferrari card. Inside the box the travel hardcase in cool carbon fibre houses the headphones. Unzipped the hardcase reveals both the headphones, and a small pouch with all the cords, and batteries. So far it is a luxurious experience.

Selecting a cord is easy depending on device: three button iOS microphone cord, or one button Blackberry/Android/Windows Phone cord. Both cords are made from fabric, and is not likely to tangle or transfer noise. The 3.5 mm connector is easy to insert into the left ear cup.

The next step is inserting two AAA batteries inside the compartment on the left earcup. The compartment is covered by a cheap looking plastic circular cover with the brand logo fastened to it. This is the first time I started to have a feeling that not all was honkey dory.

Placing the huge cans on my head they had fooled me, and they aren’t that huge. What I thought to be around ear headphones actually barely cover my ears. Sure my ears are covered, but I can feel the padding around them making them smaller inside the ear cup than say the Beats by Dr Dre Studio. Having such an enclosed space makes them really warm, and these aren’t to be worn for more than an hour or so at a time. Still not as sweaty as most on-ear headphones.

The first time I used the T350 I didn’t hear a sound. Being ANC headphones with two AA batteries I should perhaps have assumes that Logic3 made the same mistake that MonsterCable did with the Studio: not allowing playback without the power on. Sadly Logic3 made that same mistake. You have to power them up to get any sound at all.

The ANC functionality is ok, but definitely not on par with the Bose QC15 or the even better Audio Technica ANC 9.  It limits some of the ambience, but also brings an own hissing sound that is an annoyance when all else is quiet. These are not the first set of ANC headphones to have this problem. Talk through allows you to mute music, and circuitry by pressing the logo on the right ear cup. Good if you want to talk to someone without removing the headphones.

The sound of the T350 is fairly balanced, and that is about all I can say about it without being mean. At the price tag, and with the branding used I expected something far more powerful with punch to the midrange, and depth to the bass. Now they sound about as boring as the Bose QC15. Compared to UE 9000, B&W P5 and Harman/Kardon BT these fall even flatter.

What the T350 has going for it is the look that breathes quality, and it is a really well built set of headphones when it comes to materials used for the headband and cans. The boring sound, so-so noise cancelling circuitry and fact that you will have to have two AA batteries powering it at all times makes it less appealing. For the fan of Ferrari it is the least obvious design compared to the Scuderia counterpart, and that might be the only reason to get these.

Final Rating


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  • aboutle

    I agree. This is not the quality of sound one can expect for the price. Then the noise cancellation seemes to be a gadget with this lack of sound perfs. On the other side, there is some non known brand like Parrots wich provide one of the best and coolest headphone on the market… Choose…

  • Torbjorn Kamblad

    Sadly too many headphones stick ANC onto the box to get into a premium segment. Have tried the Parrot Zik, and they also suffer from the humming sound that the T350 above has. Another aspect of the Parrot Zik that isn’t great is the fact that when you lie down in bed they tend to register the earcups as off your head, and close down sound. My major gripe with the Zik was when my daughters accidentally adjusted the volume by swiping across the earcup, almost threw them into the wall then.