Little Red Sled Review

Before we turn our heads completely toward spring, lets take one more look back at Little Red Sled.

Little Red Sled is a charming and fun sled racing game. The gameplay is pretty straightforward. First you tilt your phone left and right to steer. If you steer off jumps you can shake your phone to do tricks. Your little sledder will be zooming down the hill automatically (due to gravity) so you don’t have to worry about acceleration or braking (who ever heard of brakes on a sled anyway). As you slide down try to avoid obstacles, collect presents and make it down the hill as fast as possible.


The game certainly has some charm to it. The graphics are cute even though they lack some of the polish of other racing style games. The concept of doing tricks is unique and adds a level of challenge that may not be there otherwise. I do wish they had the option to touch the screen to do tricks instead of shaking as the shake mechanism doesn’t always work when I expect it to.

Little Red Sled feels a lot like Snail Mail, which got a very high review from Nigel.  It’s doesn’t have the same feel but I like the addition of tricks, and low stress fun of Little Red Sled. I don’t think Little Red Sled is quite as good as Snail Mail, but I think it may appeal to different people. LRS has no shooting, no death, and no slime trails. It does have enough to stand out on it’s own.

Presentation & Graphics
The graphics aren’t what you would call stunning, but t he charming homemade feel  works really well for this game.

The sound is cool. It’s really unique to have an original piano soundtrack that works perfectly with the game. Also gets extra points for keeping your iPod music playing when you start the game.

The gameplay is solid and good. The tricks are fun and the controls work well.

The escalation is good, but does ramp up to a pretty high level of difficulty. I can’t imagine many people actually finishing the game. This limits your game life a bit, but it’s a fun ride until you get there.

Game Rating
What makes this game unique are its cute graphics, original piano music soundtrack and fun sledding gameplay. Even though there aren’t a lot of really unique features what the game has is done well, and it’s worth the asking price.

Little Red Sled ($1.99)

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  • ben

    Good review. I agree with all that have been said.

  • Scott

    Yep review is pretty much spot on. I got this game from the dev so it was free. But its a enjoyable little game, my kids like it a lot but its challenging for adults in later levels. Snail Mail is a good comparison.

    Seems like the devs have plans for more updates as well so thats cool, either way the lite version is there for those interested.