Little Master Cricket review

I don’t know how to play cricket, and thankfully Little Master Cricket doesn’t care. It is to cricket what Homerun Battle 3D is to baseball, pure fun without all that strategy stuff.

You control a ragdoll batsman by just placing a finger anywhere on screen, and drag around to change stance and aim the bat. The ragdoll responds really well, and you get quite a lot of control over him with some practise.

img_7008A ball is bowled at you from different angles and with different speeds, and you get a indication to where it will show up on screen. You have to hit it either forward in areas scored from one point to six points or behind you in hard to hit four and six point areas. If the ball hits black and yellow striped areas above and behind the ragdoll your game is over. Once you get a game over the game calculates your score based on scoring areas hit, and this is multiplies with your run rate. The run rate is the same as your average score per hit. This means that you have to take chances to get high scores. Just playing it safe, and aim at the one and two point targets means that the score will be multiplied with just 1.5.

img_7020Little Master Cricket has a lack of polish to the graphics, and just having a gradient from blue to purple as background feels empty. You won’t notice the graphical shortcomings when you play though, as the game requires your full concentration.

The game fades out your own music while not providing any soundtrack by itself. There is the odd crowd cheering, and ball connect sound but other than that it lacks in the sound department.

There is a global leaderboard showing the best score on your game over screen. I don’t know when the game uploads your score, or if it even does so. The global high score is ten times higher than my best at any rate so I am not even close to beating it. Would be nice to have more than one local and one global high score.

img_7021Little Master Cricket has a real lack of content, and the four screens seen in this review are all the different screens seen in the game. Still it is only a buck, and I am having a blast playing it. It is the perfect game to play for a couple of minutes here and there. It loads quickly, and can be played with one hand. Still the score has to reflect the lack of content, lack of graphical flair and music or at least the ability to play your own.

I can easily recommend Little Master Cricket as a fun diversion with excellent controls, and you can try it out for free in your web browser here.

Final Rating


Little Master Cricket $0.99

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