Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion – Review

Linkin Park needs you to help save the 8-bit world in this MMO styled game. Read on for the full review.

Updated with iPad impressions after the rating.

The world used to live in such 8-bit harmony until the evil company PixxelKorp arrived on the scene.  They began to advance technology and brainwash people into becoming high-res rather than 8-bit.  The members of Linkin Park are leading a rebellion against PixxelKorp but they need your help finding six of their stolen tracks.  You must complete a number of missions and defeat bosses to find these six tracks and eventually stop PixxleKorp from dominating the 8-bit world.

ApartmentThroughout the game, the player meets the members of Linkin Park (who participated in the production) and other characters in an attempt to lead the rebellion against PixxelKorp; but to get to PixxelKorp, you have to complete a series or main and side missions.  Some involve talking to hookers and even undercover infiltration.  These missions take place in six different locations around the city.  The gameplay controls are simple and yet tedious at times.  Moving is simple, but tapping the “center” of the screen to attack results in a lot of unnecessary hospital trips.  Thankfully, they have an option to use on screen left and right buttons, as well as an attack button.  I highly recommend this option.

During your navigation of  these 6 areas, you will see many other avatars walking around in the background.  These are other players that can also see your avatar.  You can add these people as friends either in the game or on Facebook, send and receive in-game gifts and “emails”, and even engage in live chat.  8-Bit Rebellion also offers an XP system that rewards the player with gifts when they level up.  These gifts are usually things used by your avatar, such as new faces and heads.  Some examples I have seen include a Samas type helmet, a lamp shade, and also a sumo suit!  There are 8-bit and high res avatar items.  Experience is gained by defeating enemies and completing missions.   This is what makes this game an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online).

While 8-bit Rebellion doesn’t offer live multiplayer like most MMOs, it does have a good chat system as well as a unique avatar system.  Apart from the one-on-one chat, players can post on in-game billboards for all to see.  Also, people can send or receive gifts that can be purchased in game using coins obtained from defeating img_09461enemies.  These gifts are used to decorate a gamer’s apartment.  Each player has their own apartment that they can decorate with posters, beds, couches, musical equipment, and more.  As the player progresses in the game and the XP system, they will unlock more purchasable items that they can then keep for themselves, or give to a friend.

One thing I would like to note, that so many others already have, is the fact that the player unlocks an exclusive song by Linkin Park upon completing the game.  This song, Blackbirds, is a new song that has never been released.  Apart from Blackbirds, there are many other songs that contribute to the soundtrack of the game.  There are eight 8-bit tracks, including “In the End” and “Crawling,” as well as high definition versions of the same eight songs.  Listening to Linkin Park never gets old, even if it is an 8-bit version.

The game itself is relatively short.  It took me about 2-3 hours exploring and looking at stuff, and following the main game to beat the storyline.  However, Artificial Life has hinted at future updates that will contain new missions and items.  These updates will give Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion a limitless game life.  Like Pocket God or Pocket Legends, updates allow for extended and new ways to play the game.  Until the developers release new content, 8-bit Rebellion is just a fun place to chat with people and level up your avatar.

The interface of the game is very smooth and easy to use without being obstructive and annoying.  You can hide the menu whenever you want, and the game gives tips about each feature.  The in game tips allow the player to view tips whenever they want, without having to play a tutorial.  Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion has nice 2-D Paper Mario style visuals that add to the comical storyline and gameplay.  I should also mention that this game is supported on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.  The “HD” iPad version is the same price as the iPhone version.

img_0954The one thing I want to see from this game is multiplayer; a one-on-one avatar battle would be so epic and awesome for this game. Why not let two people duke it out in a Castle Crashers type arena?  Also, the short gameplay makes this app seem like more of a forum, where Linkin Park updates are released, rather than a complete game.  As of now, the short story allows for minimal play time.  You can walk around and gain experience, but the game is practically over once you complete the game.  Also, you can not replay the game’s story.  I would rather play through the story a few times for fun then walk around taking out the same enemies over and over again for XP.  This makes the $4.99 price seem expensive, but with all of the free updates and content to come, this is a small price to pay for a great game.

Overall, the game has amazing potential for extended play.  These minor issues cannot take away from the truth; 8-Bit Rebellion is a great game that is constructed and executed very well, has crazy amounts of potential, and gives a unique online experience.

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iPad addendum: Nigel Wood
This HD version of the game is certainly worth picking up, even if you already own the iPhone version. The game benefits from the bigger screen, with menu options and touch controls feeling easier to access. The graphical style of pixel art vs high resolution art is better served here too. If you are a Linkin Park fan and have an iPad, it’s a must.


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