Lilt Line quick review

Lilt lines is a game like no other on the appstore right now. A hybrid of both an arcade-style cave platformer and a rhythm game. In it you must tilt your iPhone left to right to navigate a line through various tunnels to reach the exit, and when required, tapping to the beat. The tunnels require twitch like precision to successfully complete without hitting the sides. Add to this the fact that you must also keep the rhythm going and Lilt lines can get a little crazy, to say the least. Each time you miss a beat or indeed hit the tunnel walls, your score goes down. Should you reach zero before the end of the level, it’s game over…. see ya later… bye bye! So it’s important to keep your score up by keeping your line moving swiftly on and banging out those beats.


3439093741_47b9a251dbPresentation and Graphics

The game is minimalist in its approach, along the lines of eastern European animation of the early 20th century. Bright, neon colours are the order of the day, and they fit the game and music perfectly.



Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like Dub, Drum and Base, or UK garage then you’ll love the music, these beats are bangin! In a guitar hero stylee if you miss-tap, the music is affected, and breaks the flow of the track. Certainly one for the headphones… expect young teens in hoodies to play this on the bus and annoy the OAPs.




Very simple controls of tilting for line control and tapping to the beat, will ensure that even granny can get down with the kidz! The game is a bit easy to begin with though, with only the last few levels giving me a challenge. There’s also an option to reverse the controls, should you want more of a challenge.



This game is short, very short. I blasted through it in under an hour. For the price of $2.99. I’d still like to see more levels, and at least more varied difficulty options once the game is beat.


Game rating

A unique ‘art-meets-street’ type of game. It’s a bit overpriced as it stands, but it is a unique gaming concept, even if it won’t quench your gaming thirst for very long. More levels please!


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  • Rock $ Rolla

    It looks ok


    i think its alright!

  • 4Twenty

    got it for a 1 buck! $.10 per lv.